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Essay on teacher
Essay on teacher

Essay on teacher

Essay on teacher , contains a lot of important and value information  about the teacher and his virtues and his role in the societies and peoples .Teacher is the basis of the renaissance of the development of societies that build their country , and here you will find essay on teacher  contains everything that interests you.

Essay on teacher

There is no doubt that the role of the teacher in every society is no less important than the rest of the roles, but on the contrary may increase in the value for them, that is the role which brings out good generations capable of renaissance in nations and communities and prove their existence among other countries ,and here you will find essay on teacher contains all the information you are looking for.

The teacher

The teacher has great virtue in society and in the whole nation. He is the one who educates the generations, establishes sound education, teaches reading and writing, cultivates positive values, changes or modifies the negative values , and spreads the light of science and knowledge .

There is a duty to us towards the teacher, is to respect and appreciation, and provide a decent livelihood for him, and benefit from his knowledge, and cooperate with him in achieving his great mission,  The teacher must not suffer because of poor economic conditions and low salary, but must be at the forefront of the segments of the society functionally; it is a service to the message of science , and thus the production of leaders who build communities, and raise their people and their nation.

On the other hand, our attention to the teacher requires us to pay attention to science, in terms of types and forms, and ways to collect and upgrade it. And to make workshops and researches aimed at  its development.

In this way, we have given you essay on teacher in English , and you can read more topics about the teacher through the following link:

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