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Swimming for health
Swimming for health

Swimming for health

Swimming for health is a topic contains all the important information about swimming and its importance ,and here you will find all the information you are interested in about swimming in the topic of Swimming for health .

Swimming for health

Swimming is considered one of the most enjoyable sports at all and also has many psychological and physical benefits. Here you will find a topic about swimming for health contains all the important information about swimming.


Swimming is one type of aquatic sport, an activity practiced by people with experience and training for entertainment and entertainment or to participate in international and Olympic races. 

The benefits of swimming

Water stimulates muscles to resist.

Reduce blood pressure.

Strengthen the heart muscle.

Cholesterol lowering.

Stimulate blood circulation.

Burn calories and thus lose weight.

Get rid of depression and stress.

Helps relax the body muscles.

Helps increase the softness of the body muscles.

Ventilation of the heart and lungs.

Get rid of wounds.

Ways to swim

Chest Swimming: The distances of swimming race on the chest are three distances: fifty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters, and the swimmer in this way is in the position of sleeping on the abdomen almost  and the water touching his chest ,  the level of his shoulders is equal to the surface of the water, while keeping part of the head above the surface of the water to take out each period to take the breath.

The Butterfly Swimming: In this type of swim, the swimmer swings his arms together forward and above the water as if to remove the water from his way, pushing his arms back with each other, and continues to repeat the movement until the other end of the pool.

Backstroke: The swimmer sets his feet on the pool wall at the beginning of the race, and during the round as well, and keeps on his back position throughout the race, The racing time is on the back with swimming on the chest.

Free swimming: In this way the swimmer adopts the method he wants, is not bound or restricted to certain movements, but in the event of a relay or individual must follow a style of swimming completely different from one of the three previous methods.

Sizes of the international swimming pool

 The width of the international swimming pool is about twenty-one meters, while the length of the pool is fifty meters, and the depth of one hundred and eighty meters, divided into eight lanes, each length of two and a half, and the separation of each lane by a meter running along the basin, and the height of the starting platform is half a meter above the surface of the aquarium water.

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