My vacation essay
My vacation essay

My vacation essay

My vacation essay , contains all the activities and ideas through which you can enjoy a happy summer vacation that  brings your activity and vitality, and all those ideas you will find here in My vacation essay.

My vacation essay

Summer vacation is one of the most important times of the year where it gives you the opportunity to rest and relaxation so that you can complete your work and study and here you will find many ideas for summer vacation in My vacation essay in English.

 Summer vacation

During the vacation, a person should put all things related to the work aside and look for what he enjoys and entertains and relieves himself. Man suffices with the stress and exhaustion of the work period, so he should take some time for rest and leave.

Hobbies vary from one person to another, as people are diverse in their hobbies and interests, and these concerns are often spent by people on vacation.

But there are things that may be more enjoyable than others to spend time leave, as it relaxes the mind and pleased the human, the most important of these things attention to the family, and spend the beautiful times with them.

During the vacation, the family can go on a trip to the sea, to a camping or a barbecue, as these trips bring the activity back to the person and bring pleasure and comfort to his heart.

In addition, the person can spend his time during the vacation in other works, including going to the cinema, movies are many and varied, beautiful and enjoyable.

A person can also travel outside his country on a trip to another country or group of countries. This travel enables people to rest, enjoy and learn about other cultures and cultures.Or go to practice different sports such as football, basketball, running, cycling etc.

 Vacation at home can be done by watching movies with family, sitting with them and doing special household activities that bring joy to the whole family.A man may go with his family for lunch or dinner, for example, in a restaurant or sitting in a cafe.

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