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My last vacation essay
My last vacation essay

My last vacation essay

Short essay on summer vacation , contains a lot of information about how to spend the vacation and also the places I went on last vacation, and all that information you will find here in My last vacation essay .

My last vacation essay

Vacation is something wonderful and enjoyable and you can use it to spend enjoyable and useful times that make you feel relaxed  and all that gives you a push forward so that you can complete your work or study, all of this you will find here in My last vacation essay .

 My last vacation

When the exams are over, the parents start looking for places to spend their vacation with family. They need to take a break from work and the continuous pressure of life in order to try to recharge the body so that they can continue to work actively.

I am a person who loves to travel to different countries and to know different cultures and traditions. I have traveled in the past vacation to many different countries and I enjoyed very much to know about these countries. I will tell you about these countries  and the advantages of each country of them.


Jordan has a Mediterranean climate; in the winter, temperatures often reach 1 ° C, rain falls and sometimes snow falls;  So it is advisable to visit Aqaba and enjoy its warm atmosphere and beautiful beach, and visit the famous Wadi Rum and pink Petra carved in rock.

 While in the summer temperatures reach an average of 30 degrees Celsius, so it is recommended to visit the mountain highlands in the Ajloun and Jerash, where the temperature is moderate.

The Egyptian Arabic Republic

 It contains many famous and ancient tourist sites,  You can go on a trip to Cairo to enjoy the ancient monuments of the region, such as churches and ancient mosques.

 Visiting the pyramids located in Giza is one of the greatest built by the Pharaohs. But avoid sunny and hot days to enjoy exploring the pyramids, walking the desert sands, riding horses and camels, and taking a tour of the Khufu ship or the sun boat.

I really enjoyed visiting all of these areas ,and took advantage of a lot of information that I did not know before, and I hope that everyone goes to these picturesque areas.

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