My graduation day essay
My graduation day essay

My graduation day essay 8 models

My graduation day essay ,the celebration of the graduation ceremony was through a beautiful party held by the school under the auspices of the principal of the school and attended by students and teachers and parents of the students and provided some entertainment shows.

My graduation day essay

Today, my school has held an annual graduation ceremony in which high school students are enrolled after passing the tests successfully and exceeding them and offering them certificates of appreciation and praise for their good conduct and discipline during the academic year.


The ceremony began by greeting the student who presented the ceremony to the principal of the school, the masters of the teachers, the masters of the parents and the dear students.

And a student with a beautiful voice read the Holy Quran, Then a third student introduced Hadith Sharif urging to seek knowledge, and then the acting group presented a short comedy play.


This play dealt with the difference between the diligent student who makes every effort to collect the science and the failed student who does not know the value of science and learning.

After that,  the principal of the school presented a speech in which he praised the students and praised the teachers for their great efforts to teach their students and encourage them to innovate and help them to solve the problems they experienced, whether academic or social problems. He wished the students more excellence and success


One of the teachers called the names of the first students and were honored by the principal of the school who gave them certificates of appreciation .

The students also gave each other a wish, hoping for success in the coming years. And everyone went away and each of the students carries a beautiful memory inside him about the years he spent in school and about his friends who spent the most beautiful time with them.


My graduation day

There is no doubt that every student dreams of his graduation day and is waiting for it impatiently. I can describe this last year before I moved to university as the most difficult. When you wait for time to pass, it becomes too long,

So I got up at 9 and get ready to go to prom, I am so excited this day is finally coming , I have been waiting for so long where I  can live more freely, move out of my parents’ house, live on my own and rely on myself, work and stay up late.  As well as entering the university that I always dreamed of and worked hard to reach.

Here I am getting up, getting dressed, and going to meet my friends before going to the party. I would very much like to go out today with my friends, and attend the dance, I would also like to give a simple speech to thank the principal, teachers and staff at the school, it has been a happy 11 years. I am very happy that they passed well, without any problems.

He is very excited to face tomorrow and learn more new experiences. On this day, when went down the stairs, I heard a surprise word, congratulations on graduation. Some cheers and small encouraging fireworks.

My family was very happy with my graduation and they wore their best clothes to attend the awards ceremony. They brought a camera to photograph me and take some other pictures for my friends for memory.

Of course everything was great at the party and I was very happy when I heard my name and got my graduation certificate.


Graduation essay

There is no doubt that graduation is the dream of every student who strived and struggled for this moment, until he moved to another stage of education, or in order to finish school education completely and move to learn from the real life and collide with life.

Of course, education does not end in a person’s life except with his death, as he can learn a lot through life and those around him.

Therefore, we see education as mere stages, we seek to finish it in schools and move to a larger stage, in which we find difficulties and challenges, which encourage us to learn again, and make us more challenging and determined to excel in it, so that we can benefit from it and rely on it in our next future, whether at work. or living.

Therefore, graduation day represents for us the satisfactory reward for the struggle and persistence we have achieved in education, from the first day of school until the last day.


Graduation day essay

Graduation day is one of the wonderful days that we are all impatiently waiting for, and we are trying to prepare for it, whether in preparing the appropriate clothes for this occasion, or knowing who we will accompany at the graduation ceremony, and preparing many things that we will do on this day, and how we will close a page and open a new page for a new stage of education, whether in an advanced stage of education or completion of studies, and learning from life and facing and merging with real life began.

Graduation day is always the biggest prize for hard work and continuous effort in education. It also represents a new  starting point, which helps us to remember that we were able to overcome the past, and we will certainly overcome what will come, and there will be no difficulties, and we have a new goal that we will strive to achieve.

This is my graduation day. A lot of joy at the end of a stage, and a new challenge with a lot of effort and fatigue, I will receive it without fear or hesitation, I will strive to achieve success in it, so that I can celebrate my success again.



Short essay about graduation

Graduation is a dream that many people are waiting for. Our goal from the beginning of our education is to reach the end of the educational stage, and to graduate so that we can begin our practical life and meet life and society with what we have learned. We prove to ourselves that we can excel and succeed.

Everyone has dreams and ambitions, which he postpones until he can succeed in the educational stages and graduate.

So today, we are witnessing our first goal and dream, which is graduation, at which we will stand a little without thinking about what will come next, and enjoy this moment, which represents our success and appreciation of our fatigue and continuous effort to reach this happy moment.

For me and for many friends, this is the beginning of success, through which we prove that we can go out for life and fight all difficulties.

Our graduation today proves that we are capable of patience, learning, diligence, and continuing to learn, no matter the circumstances, and not giving up on something we do no matter what difficulties we face.

Today we are honored and a graduation ceremony is held for us as proof of our excellence and success. It may not be the greatest success in the universe, but it is certainly the first step on the ladder of success, after which we will strive to achieve more successes and superiorities.

Therefore, I am grateful and appreciate the role of those in charge of the study, and the role of my father and mother who stood by me so that I could continue my studies and education, and my friends. I hope to be as good as they think and achieve the best for myself and them.



Short essay about graduation day

There is no doubt that the graduation day represents a great victory for all students, an overwhelming feeling of happiness and self-realization, and that we can succeed and overcome difficulties and obstacles, and most importantly, overcome our fears that always tell us that we cannot succeed.

Therefore, the graduation day represents a great celebration for all students, for their achievement and excellence throughout the year, and appreciation for their efforts, fatigue and perseverance they made in order to obtain the highest grades.

Therefore, the gathering of all students at the end of the year ceremony, during which they are honored for the end of the semester and their success, is a great victory, and a new starting point for another stage, they see themselves going to it and achieving excellence in what is to come.



Essay about graduation day in elementary

It is wonderful to feel accomplished since childhood and to have a graduation day celebration in the primary stage. This makes us feel energetic and ready to face the next stage, and we are ready to progress year after year until we reach the university and graduate from it.

Of course, the primary stage is important because it is where the student is founded on everything, from the beginning of teaching letters to reading, arithmetic, and learning other languages.

Therefore, the day of graduation in the primary stage represents a great victory, because in it the basics were dug that will remain permanent for the rest of life, and whatever we learned in childhood lasts for old age.




My graduation day short essay

The graduation day for me and a lot of friends and other people is a day of honor for the effort spent throughout the year. In addition to the motivation that helps us advance to the next stage with eagerness and love.
We have hope and optimism that we will be able to pass this stage as well and graduate from it, until we completely finish our university studies.

Then we will begin in practical life, learning all the requirements of life and career, so that we integrate into society and benefit from what we have learned, and re-present it in new projects, ideas and innovations.

Also, the graduation day is another happiness, because of the gathering of friends and family, the celebration of this day, the costumes, the music, and the speech we give.

All of this makes us feel happy and optimistic, and makes us feel self-fulfilling, and we are happier if the parents are present and thank us for completing this stage and graduating from it. This gives a great feeling and appreciation from them for what we have achieved in the study.

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