Myself essay for college students
Myself essay for college students

Myself essay for college students

Myself essay for college students , describes my life in general and the different stages of education I studied and then the university stage and what I have done. I talk about my work, my hobbies, my friends, how to spend the weekend and how to spend a holidays.

Myself essay for college students

I am an organized person who love to read a lot and I was superior during the various stages of study. Since my youth, the material that was useful to me was the science.

After I got my high school diploma and my success with excellence I chose to join the Faculty of Medicine. The study at the Faculty of Medicine was very interesting and useful.

The day of graduation was honored as I was one of the first students and this gave me the opportunity to undertake an overseas mission to complete my studies in the field of medicine and to obtain higher degrees.

After my return to my country, I applied what I had studied abroad and what I had done in my hospital and research, which helped in finding new types of medicines to treat endemic diseases and spread in my country, which provided greater opportunities for the recovery of patients.

I also train a team of doctors on new and modern methods of treatment so that there is progress in the field of medical and disease control.

As for my hobbies, I love to read in the field of specialization in addition to literary reading, which I like very much, especially poetry.

It is also my hobby to swim and this is what makes me spend the annual vacation in any coastal country so I enjoy going to the beach and practicing my favorite hobby.

As for my social life, I give a lot of attention to my family and spend time with them. We have dinner together, talk and talk about family matters. We can go to the club, cinema or theater over the weekend, and we visit relatives and friends on every occasion.

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