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Life changing event essay
Life changing event essay

Life changing event essay

Life changing event essay , a topic that speaks about the importance of the events we are exposed to, and how these events affect our lives. Your whole future may change because of an important event that occurred to you, changing your interests and way of thinking, and setting new goals completely for your life and your future. All this is here in Life changing event essay .

Life changing event essay

When I was a student in the stage …… I was an ordinary student  not so distinguished ,and in the class of mathematics  the teacher gave us a mathematical issue needs  thinking and intelligence to get to the right solution.

And I said to myself that I will try and think well in the way to solve.And all the students tried to solve it also, but they despair at the first difficulty encountered.

I tried many times till I found the right solution, and then the teacher praised me a beautiful praise, which gave me great confidence in myself and strong faith in my abilities.

So I became the perfect student in my school and all my teachers praised me. I excelled in all subjects and get the final grades and always ranked first, Mathematics has become my favorite subject.

After my success in high school with excellence, I started thinking well about enrolling in the Faculty of Engineering and obtaining the highest degrees in my field of specialization.

And I set my goal to be a skilled engineer and famous at the local and international level to offer to my country and to people everywhere big projects that benefit them and facilitate their life.

Thanks to my teacher who praised me and gave me great confidence in my abilities,it made me love science and love excellence and make every effort to get the highest grades.

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