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Daily life essay

Daily life essay

Daily life essay , an important topic because it describes the everyday life of the person and the activities that the person performs during the day. There are social aspects and there are aspects of the study if you are a student, there are aspects related to hobbies and the usual everyday work. In daily life essay.

Daily life essay

I am a student in the stage …….. I wake up early, salute my family members ,my mother , father and sister and we all have breakfast, and then I wear my school uniforms as well as my sister, and ride school bus with my sister, she is in the stage …. …. .

I go to my class and sit with my friends and learn the different subjects from our teachers, we go to the music lab to study musical instruments and play musical tracks.

We play sports that we love in the sports  class, especially football. It is my favorite game. After school, we go home and do the homework.

Then I have lunch with my family and relax for a while. In the evening, I and my friends meet and decide where we will go now. We go to the cinema to watch an action movie or go to the theater to watch a comedy play,and sometimes we go to visit a friend.

After returning home in the evening, all the family members meet and talk a lot about all the things that have happened on this day.

And plan some important things that we want to do, such as the visit of some relatives as we also suggest where we will spend the weekend. I have dinner with my family and watch interesting TV programs, then go to my room and go to sleep.

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