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Internet paragraph in English
Internet paragraph in English

Internet paragraph in English

Internet paragraph in English contains many important information that you are looking for and want to know about the Internet . Here, we will know the benefits and damage of the Internet, the Internet like other technology means is a double-edged sword. All of this will be here in Internet paragraph in English.

Internet paragraph in English

Internet has become the title of the era, everything is linked to the Internet closely, no one can live without the Internet in his daily life in everything in the work and entertainment and complex systems of governments . Also, we must know that the Internet  has many advantages serving humanity and also has significant disadvantages and damage that may harm its users greatly. All this information we will  here in Internet paragraph in English .You will find more than one paragraph to choose what suits your ideas.

 The first paragraph

The idea of ​​the Internet began in the early 1960s in the United States, and was intended to serve military purposes, and in the seventies e-mail was invented to serve scientists to share information between them, and in the 1980s began to use the network in American universities, and in the 1990s the Internet spread worldwide.The Internet has a useful and harmful things.The parents and school should be aware with children to benefit from it positively and effectively.  Everything in life, whatever it is, contains benefits and disadvantages.

Th second paragraph

Internet Benefits:The call to Islam and the statement of the pros. Response to suspicions raised about Islam. Fighting fads and responding to their calls. Spread good science and good ethics. Benefiting in the preparation and reading of scientific research.Announcement and follow-up of lectures by scientists on the Internet.Identify the latest reports, studies and statistics in various fields.Ease of communication with scholars. 

The third paragraph

Internet disadvantages:Wasting time.Identify bad companionship.Neglecting prayer and poor attention to worship.Low level of education. Spy on personal secrets. The existence of widespread immoral sites.Spreading the concepts of racism.Call for ideas that contradict our religion.Phantom love stories and imaginary friendships with anonymous characters.

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