information about iraq
information about iraq

Information about Iraq

Information about Iraq, History has never been known to be a spot on the face of the earth, such as Iraq; the cradle of civilizations, the land of science, the sun of spirituality and the home of the righteous . Iraq gathered glory from all its limbs. , And shine from among the rest of the earth, and the good remains in it until the end of time.

Information about Iraq

The land of Iraq is located in a civilized area with all its meaning. It is close to the Levant, the land of messages and civilizations. It also forms part of the northern entrance to the Arabian Peninsula, which embraced the  message of Islam. 

Many of the nations and historical states on the land of Iraq have come, and these nations  have left many distinctive monuments and religious monuments. The most prominent of these monuments are the Imam Ali Shrine, the Imam Hussein Shrine, the Imam Musa Al-Kadhim Shrine, the Imam Abu Hanifa mosque, El Ilya, Mar Bahnam Monastery, Martum Church, Sheikh Mattha Monastery, Zaqora, Babel Tower, Iwan Ksarri, Mustansiriya School, Malawiya, Kirkuk Citadel, Arbil Castle and many other important landmarks.

One of Iraq’s historical and religious advantages is that it was associated with the father of the prophets Abraham, peace be upon him, where this land is the birthplace of this great personality, which has made the greatest impact on the march of humanity. Its geographical advantages include founding of two of the greatest rivers: the Tigris and the Euphrates. These rivers contributed to the rise and concentration of civilizations in the region of Iraq, as did other civilizations that arose around other rivers such as the Nile. Besides, Iraq is considered one of the most important economic treasures in the world. It contains large quantities of oil and natural resources, which has contributed to the strengthening of its economy in modern times in an unparalleled manner.

Iraq is a true example of coexistence, tolerance and pluralism. It includes many followers of religions, where Iraqis have been able to build together this homeland, extend bridges of brotherhood and cooperation, making Iraq’s goods overflowing with all those in need. . This tolerance contributed to the brightening of the light of science, until Iraq became the source of scientists, thinkers, and diligent at all times and places.

The land of Iraq is one of the richest and most important lands. All of these advantages are only a very small part of the benefits available. Researchers, scientists and specialists have spent long periods studying everything related to Iraq, searching for treasures that are priceless.

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