iraqi traditions
iraqi traditions

Iraqi Traditions

 Iraqi Traditions , Traditions of marriage in Iraq Every one of the peoples of the world is known for their special customs and traditions, as they have inherited from their ancestors on many special occasions, social and other occasions. We will present in this topic the traditions of marriage in Iraq and the details of this day.

Iraqi Traditions

First: The young man asks his mother and sisters to look for a bride for him. When they find the right girl, they go to visit her family to see her. If they like her, they take the young man and go to see her. If the girls are admired and accepted, ask  about the groom or the young man and his family. , And after that they  tell the groom’s parents that they agree, then come the mother of the groom and his sisters and determine with the family a day to come to propose the girl.

Second: the day of proposal, on this day ,the men from the groom’s parents and relatives and friends  go to the bride’s house and be received by the father of the bride and her brothers and relatives.An old man  of the groom’s parents or relatives ask the bride`s father to marry his daughter to the groom. The father of the bride saying: “OK, the blessing is resolved. Then give them juice and must be fresh and then congratulates the groom.

After this day, also determines the day to buy  gold, the groom and his sister go with and the bride and her sister to buy it, and then buy all the bride’s requirements of clothes and shoes and bags and makeup, and then come the groom and talk to the bride’s family about the dowry . The Iraqis always do not require dowry. And then sets the date of going to court for the contract of marriage.

Third: the day of Maljeh, after the decade, the day is determined to come Sheikh to write the contract of marriage  in the house of the bride with the groom’s family and friends and relatives, and the bride and her family and friends must be in the other room and the traditions of this day that the bride wearing the white robe that will wear at night of marriage and put her feet in a bowl  in which water and planting Elias and put between her fingers beads cardamom, and before it put the table with a plate where 7 varieties of perfumes, and there is also on the table cups of sugar and milk and vegetables, and white plant and Sweets and roses and candles and Elias plant and a  white candle next to the bride  and the mirror  to see herself .The Quran is placed before it and opens to Surat Ana Fatna. The sheikh repeats the phrases and returns the bride behind them. A white cloth, carried by two unmarried girls, is placed on top of the bride’s head. 

After the men come out the bridegroom comes to see the bride and kiss her from her head and wearing her a piece of gold most likely a gold ring, and then start the concert , and the bride wore several dresses. Then comes the groom’s parents carrying the bride’s  dowry and all its objects wrapped in a beautiful way or put them in a grocer or in baskets of wicker and lay these things in front of the bride in front of all people and then enter the groom to wear the bride  the Nishan and begin dancing  and songs, and after the end of this day they start buying Furniture and bedrooms and all the requirements of the house and when they complete  they  determine the wedding day, which is usually on Thursday.

Fourth: on Tuesday, the bride’s family will go with the bride’s clothes , and they will arrange with the groom’s parents the room, arrange all her things, brush the white bedding on the bride’s and groom’s bed, and put some chocolate and some money on it. Bride  does not go in this day because it is bad for them.

Fifth: the day of henna, is usually held on Wednesday before the wedding day, the bride and her friends and relatives come and often ask the guests to wear the Jalabiyat and the bride wore several galabiyas and dresses and put the bride a large plate with candles and perfumes and henna  , the groom and his family come to the house of the bride and exchange Henna .

Sixth: Wedding day, which is almost like our customs in Jordan with a simple difference, that the bride wear Iraqi woman Masada, which is very happy in her married life,  and when the groom comes to take the bride  he must come  with  Almzika which is a kind of music Iraqi folk and sing some songs.

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