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ancient civilization of egypt
ancient civilization of egypt

Ancient civilization of Egypt

Ancient civilization of Egypt, In this article, we present you with important and useful information about the ancient civilization of Egypt. All historians have confirmed that Egypt’s ancient civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in history. Anyone who wants to write a topic or essay on the ancient civilization of Egypt will find here useful information.

Ancient civilization of Egypt

Egypt “Umm al-Dunya” is the Arab state that lies in the far east of the African continent, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea on the north and the Red Sea to the east, separated from the Asian continent by the Suez Canal. Egypt contains the oldest civilizations on earth, what are these civilizations?  What are the remnants and effects of these civilizations? That’s what we’re going to do now.

Since ancient ,people were migrating to Egypt because of  the Nile River  in it where they  settled on its banks and depends on “agriculture”, it was the Nile River is the cause of the prosperity of Egypt, who revived agriculture and livestock since 10.0000 years, and then people set up the villages on the banks of the River Nile .They developed themselves quickly and began to  depend on “industry” and “trade” between these villages, which led to the strengthening of social relations among themselves. 

And then they invented “writing” which was by  hieroglyphs, and , they were writing every thing about their lives and their kings and decades of peace between them and the countries of Nearby, they also wrote about courts and ethics and some religious manuscripts, manuscripts in medicine science,engineering and arithmetic. They even wrote messages among family members and friends, and set up an independent writing system to organize their agricultural and commercial activities with their surroundings. They left behind some of the drawings, murals and some papyrus schemes.

The ancient Egyptians succeeded in extracting the mineral resources from the Nile Valley and the desert lands surrounding it. The ancient Egyptians knew how to exploit the Nile River floods by irrigating the plantations and the lands adjacent to the river. 

The ancient Egyptians established the oldest observatory in the world. They also established the Stone Monuments, a stone circle erected seven thousand years ago in the southern desert of Egypt. It was used to observe the stars and their movements. They had their own calendar and relied on their observation of the sun, stars and the flood dates of the Nile every year .

The ancient Egyptians were famous for many creative works at a great level, such as embalming, music, literature, , painting, architecture and drama. Religious life had their own characteristics, such as Polytheism. The environment had an important role in influencing religious thought and Pharaonic worship. They carved the stories of their gods on the walls of temples, cemeteries, coffins of the dead and Papyrus with bilateral dimensions.

And pyramids, which is one of the most important ancient Egyptian and Pharaonic architecture. It is one of the wonders of the world. The Pyramids are  tombs, which have four triangular walls that converge at a point at the summit, and represent  for the ancient Egyptians, the primitive hill and the origin of life. 

The Temples were square eastern-west on the sunrise and sunset line, because they believed that the temple could be a natural environment for their goddess, and that is why they cared to build it very well.

The Rosetta stone is an important ancient Egyptian monument. It was discovered in 1799 during the French campaign. The Rosetta stone was engraved in 196 BC. The three languages  on it ​​are Hieroglyphic, Democene and Greek. The writings on the Rosetta stone may be difficult to interpret because the first two languages ​​ no longer exist.The writings  were interpreted in 1822 by the French scientist Jean-Francois Champollion, and were interpreted by comparing them with Greek texts. The content of the writing on the Rosetta Stone was a tribute to the Pharaoh of Egypt and his achievements to the priests and the people of Egypt.

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