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Graduation day essay

Graduation day essay

Graduation day essay , contains a lot of emotions that everyone is expected to feel on the day of graduation after the effort and fatigue he has done for many years. All of this will be found here in Graduation day essay.

Graduation day essay

Graduation Day is a day that everyone eagerly awaits to practice his career and move from stage to stage and reap the fruit of his passion and effort. All of this will be known here in Graduation day essay.

  Graduation day

Once the child is six years old, So that his parents rush to send him to school; to learn, and their eyes roamed to that day they see him  graduated from the university, a young man fills his eyes hopes of a future.

From here, parents begin to instill this ambition in the hearts of their sons and daughters, and start encourage them on the study as they pass it one by one, to graduate in high school and get to university.

And there are clear hopes in the eyes of parents and children at the same time, and they push them to get the highest grades to reach to the graduation day.

This day begins with training and preparation by the students and the university administration.  The graduates wear the most beautiful clothes they have prepared specially for this day.

Their colors look attractive, as if they compete with one another for good and beauty.In addition to creativity in hairdressing and arranging.

And parents rush to reserve their seats in the places allocated to them, and their eyessee what is going on, and  all the details of the ceremony from the arrangement and the system of the existing and guests of honor .

And they wait at every moment for an important event; that is hearing the name of their son or daughter in the university sky after this long effort.

And it is only a few hours, until the end of the ceremony and go each family to her home with her son or daughter graduate,  And each of them thinking about the future that awaits him after graduation.

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