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My graduation day essay
My graduation day essay

My graduation day essay

My graduation day essay , contains a lot of tender feelings and words that express the joy of the day of graduation. That day,  in which you see the parents joy before the children joy , is filled with tears of joy and pride. All of this will be found here in My graduation day essay.

My graduation day essay

Graduation is one of the most beautiful days that pass us in our lives. We are waiting for the coming life full of everything that is new and successful and we seek to achieve our ambitions after the studying. All of that you’ll find here in My graduation day essay .

 Graduation Day

Graduation Day a day is not like any day, it is wonderful to describe the feeling of living minutes I did not know how to express my motto, and did not express it but my tears falling.

Memories of five years passed before my eyes ,,, and when you prepare for the journey I felt greatness, and I felt proud of what I had done .

All the sorrows have changed to a joy that flows in my heart .I did not find the words that I appreciate but  thank God I remembered crying when I asked God to help me pass the test .

As well as in completing the project and other things And now I cry thank you and thank God for his great kindness and help me . Praise be to you Lord and thanks.

As I did not forget my parents, my mother and my father ,,, when they saw me graduation gown I felt that their joy was greater than my joy and their eyes sank with tears in joy.

Seeing their young have grown up and reached what they aspire to and what pleases them Thank you, and the word of thanks is not sufficient for their right to keep my rest .

And pray to me and work to provide what I need during my studies. My mother and father ,claimed the Lord to keep you for me and to complete your joy and see me in the highest positions.

I want to say this thanks to my mother and father after the favor of God on us.

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