Free time activities essay
Free time activities essay

Free time activities essay 13 models

Free time activities essay contains many interesting  about how to spend leisure time in useful and interesting things at the same time. All of this will be found here in free time activities essay .

Free time activities essay

Many of us are bored in our spare time and find nothing to occupy ourselves with at those times ,and here we will offer you many activities that can be exploited in leisure time. This is here in free time activities essay .

Leisure time

Leisure time is considered one of the most problems experienced by young people in our time. They spend their time playing or sitting in front of television and computer screens without doing anything useful. Therefore, we will present in this article a set of activities that can be done to get rid of this problem.

How to spend your free time:

 Reading, where reading is one of the most beautiful and wonderful activities and useful works.In addition to the pleasure and entertainment that it adds to the life of the person,it also fills the mind with knowledge , science ,stories and useful novels .

A person can follow the style of reading in his life, either by buying books, making use of a free library card, or by exchanging books with his friends.

Writing, as this means has a great role in improving the psyche of the person and the translation of ideas and feelings and emptying them on paper.

 Man can adhere to this habit until it becomes an integral part of his life, and may develop this talent to become a well-known writer later.

 A person can begin to write about a particular event or turning point in his or her life, he can also write his diary, for example.

Writing poetry in its various forms and types.

 Sewing, a nice idea to start a sewing project, fashion design, knitting art pieces.

 Walking, it has multiple benefits to the health of the body, heart and blood vessels.

Drawing, which allows the person to translate the ideas in his head through the work of simple graphics, and can develop this talent through the lessons of learning online and available free of charge.

Cooking,  cooking skill is necessary and must be learned in life, and there is nothing more beautiful than to cook with your hands and make new and unfamiliar dishes.

The manufacture of various accessories and jewelry, which require multiple raw materials, and can learn this skill through learning lessons spread across the Web.

Fishing,  this is a good way to spend enjoyable time for people who live near the sea and the water bodies.

Taking photos, using specialized cameras or using a smartphone’s camera, so that people can take beautiful pictures of scenic and natural places.

To learn the chess, it is known that this game helps to increase thinking, raise the level of intelligence, in addition to being a good way to challenge the self.

Free time activities essay

My free time activities are walking and jogging. I love to share this hobby with others, especially with friends, after a long and hard school week.

I need nothing more than to drain my energy so that I can release the pressure and tension from within me. And renew my activity to return to school with all activity and vitality.

Walking is very wonderful, especially when you wake up early and start some warm-up with friends, have some interesting conversations, and then start doing sports.

I always find my day more energetic when I can get up early and do my exercises. I already feel the effect of the activity of the blood circulation, and the softness of the nerves and muscles, and I can relax without feeling any pain in my body resulting from pressure and tension.

Therefore, I like to do some sports activities during my spare time, whether with friends or on my own.


Free time activities paragraph

The activities I do in my spare time are many because of the area in which I live. My friends and I can go mountain bike tours, visit different places by bike and experience discovery. I also tend to try out some new practices like gymnastics, horseback riding, or playing tennis.

It is nice to take advantage of the free time and acquire some new skills. I love doing all these things but I’m still interested in short trips with friends that allow us to get to know each other more, and spend evenings and trips half a day or a full day together. That makes me very happy.


What do you do in your free time essay

I like to use my free time to do useful work, or practice a hobby that I like, therefore, I spend my spare time fishing, which is my favorite hobby.

Fishing is an interesting hobby and has many benefits, including that I enjoy watching the sea and its crashing waves, and also enjoying the fresh air. Then I finally get a meal of delicious fresh fish. Also, I don’t go fishing alone, I go with my best friend, we have a good time and we make use of the fish we caught.


A free time activity you enjoy essay

The activity I like to do in my spare time is cooking of all kinds, as I make all kinds of pizzas and sweets. I learned to cook from my aunt because she was working as a chef in a big hotel. When I was young I watched her cook and I was so happy. As I got older, I became more attached to this hobby until I became unable to do anything else. At the end of the year, I go to my aunt’s house to learn a number of new recipes, so that I can implement them in my next spare time.


How do you spend your free time essay

My name is (..). I have a brother who is two years younger than me, I am in (..) class . I like to spend my spare time in ice skating, all the children of the town practice ice skating in the winter season.

Snow covers everything in winter and the lakes in my town freeze. I like to spend my spare time in riding a Ski Bike or in traditional skating.

Sometimes I go with my father to the lake to catch fish. The lake is frozen so we must first sit inside our log cabin on the lake and dig a hole in the ice. And through this hole we can fish. I love spending such time with my father or my friends.

Every year I spend my spare time doing the same things. I am excited in the coming years to travel to other countries and discover more curious and interesting things.


Paragraph about free time activities

My name is (..). I have a family consisting of (..) people.
I am (..) years old.

On vacation last year, my father told us about the importance of volunteering in charitable work and participating in social activities through which we can help others.

Therefore, we have some activities that we do whenever the opportunity arises, especially on vacations and holidays. Such as volunteering in hygiene campaigns and preserving the environment. Or visits to hospitals and provide psychological support to the patient.

So there is always a new person we get to know and try to make happy, or there is an area we share and work to improve the general appearance of it.

We often work on the sides of roads and rivers where some people throw rubbish there. Therefore, we share hygiene and hang awareness banners in these areas.

Sometimes we distribute some warning leaflets to them to preserve the environment in which they live. I love doing these activities very much and I hope they will manage.


Paragraph about how to spend your free time

I like to spend my time on normal days playing video games and roaming with my friends in the streets,
Sometimes we go to parties to have fun.

But in recent weeks, that seemed to change a little, as I became involved in voluntary activities after joining a non-governmental charitable organization, which is interested in visiting orphaned children, children with burns, and children with cancer.

Since I joined this association, I no longer care about games as much as before. I work on picking positive words during conversation and showing love through jokes and hiding the side of pity that I used to show when I saw them, I knew that it was bad and made them upset.

I think after joining this association and doing some volunteer work with them that something has changed in me. I feel that I have become more mature and I love the volunteer work through which we raise the morale of many children who need this support.


My Favourite Free Time Activities Essay

I love photography very much. I own a Nikon D3500 camera. Not the best of the species, but it is very good and took many great shots.

I very much like to go out on holidays like summer vacation, or holidays from school and take some pictures of birds and landscapes. I teach in class (write your class here). Therefore, I do not practice my hobby a lot except on vacations only.

I love visiting natural areas and photographing some close-up shots of birds or people. I always go around looking for a special shot or an impressive scene that I can capture without affecting its beauty to be natural and unique.

I like to post my photos to my social media accounts. It gets a lot of praise and encouragement. When I grow up I hope to be this is my job.


Essay a free time activity you enjoy

Undoubtedly, free time is one of the times that everyone needs to practice some activities to unload the activity trapped inside them, so I like to volunteer in some non-governmental charities and visit cancer patients and support them.

Such activities impress me a lot and make me learn from their experiences and suffering to appreciate life, and how to live according to a healthy diet, which helps me prevent many diseases.

In the aspect of self-confidence, such visits always help me in developing my rhetoric and developing jokes to ease the suffering of others.

One of my ambitions in the future is to become a doctor and I would very much like to specialize in treating children. I like to deal with them a lot and I am very happy to relieve their psychological burdens.

I also like to go out on some volunteers to clean up my surroundings and participate in some seminars.


Essay about a free time activity you enjoy

I very much like to participate in volunteer activities that make me get to know others and share conversations with them and benefit from their experience a lot.

I may describe myself as a social person who loves all people and is very tolerant with myself. One of my best features is that I can notice details and keep them in my memory without forgetting them.

Therefore, I very much like to participate in non-governmental associations for the treatment of alcohol, or any kind of addiction, and some encouraging seminars for the injured.

I always find what I look for when other people talk about their pain and tell how it happened. I can benefit from this, and I liked a lot some of my posts that I recommended to some, and the advice was fruitful and useful.

I expect to benefit from my talent in the future, I may study psychiatric counseling or some thing like that.


Write a paragraph about your free-time activities

It is great for a person to have a variety of different activities that he does in his spare time. Such variety does not make me bored and always makes me excited to try some new things.

I love fishing very much, so I practice more than one different way of fishing, and I can find out the most suitable among them according to the season, direction and wind speed. I also love very much to play basketball and soccer.

The diversity of activities always makes me active and happy and I do not feel depressed, especially when I am passionate about hunting. I can enjoy a lot of fishing and forget about anything that bothers me.

I also love to research and learn my lessons before I study them. Therefore, I like to go to the library and read some historical books or books that may be related to my studies. This makes me more open to the subject we are studying and familiar with many aspects of it.


How to spend your free time essay

When asked how do you spend your free time? I find myself thinking about one thing, I really feel that I love nothing more than fishing, and watching TV programs that talk about the means, methods and seasons of fishing.

I love being on the beaches, or rivers, I can catch fish in more than one way, I like a lot to strive to catch the biggest fish and challenge my brother or father, and maybe some friends who share my love for this hobby.

What can I say, I think I’m obsessed with this hobby and I really like the idea that it became more popular on TV shows. I watched some competitions here and there, I hope in the future to participate in one and show my hunting abilities and talents.

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