Free time essay
Free time essay

Free time essay 7 models

Free time essay  contains many important information about how to use leisure time and the importance of time and things that we can accomplish in leisure time to get the most out of it. All that information you’ll find here in free time essay.

Free time essay

There is no doubt that everyone has a free time daily, weekly or monthly, but we must use this time to develop ourselves and do not waste it in vain. All this will be found here in free time essay .

Leisure time

During life, man needs to spend many times in carrying out the necessary tasks required of him to implement them. After completing these works, he has leisure time, ranging from one person to another depending on the different situations and actions that people do in their day and night.

Leisure is a real blessing for those who use it well. It is a vengeance for those who live in a messy life, filled with illiteracy, a life that destroys the man and makes him live into misery.

The first step in investing leisure time in the right way is to define a goal or a set of clearly defined goals that a person seeks to achieve during his life.

These goals are the main motive that drives the person to set priorities to build his character, organize his time, exploit his abilities, and so on, Which ultimately makes it possible to view leisure as a blessing, not just a time to be filled with any activity.

Man must also use his free time to practice his hobbies and set a schedule for these hobbies at this time. The hobbies keep people away from bad companions, and the different kinds of deviations that may destroy the human, and hinder him from completing his life, and wasting his time in vain.

Taking care of the spiritual aspects, and trying to use leisure time to develop these aspects is the best way to exploit leisure time.

Attention to these aspects helps the human to rise and achieve the highest human grades. It is also necessary to pay attention in leisure time to the social aspects that need to be followed, especially that man is a social being by nature.

Free Time Essay in English

I like to use my spare time to do the work and the planned goals. I always use the method of writing, whether for my future desires, or the goals I expect to achieve. This helps me a lot in progressing and getting good results, whether in personal life or in studies.

When I set plans and goals, I cannot be easily distracted, and all that is required is to see my goals and strive to achieve them, according to the time period required to achieve this goal. I can say that I plan my free time in three stages.

The first stage

Setting quick goals, such as cleaning my room, buying clothes, going to the library, in the first stage I put everything that is simple and requires a short time such as hours or only one day.

The second stage

In the second stage, I set goals that require me more time, such as participating in a competition that requires work for a week or a month, or participating in a social activity that requires a long time.

The third stage

In the third stage I set my big goals such as saving money to buy a car, working to save money first, looking for opportunities for self-development and self-improvement such as learning a new foreign language, participating in hobbies that require continuous work such as theater art, or playing an instrument.

Therefore, I always spend my free time as planned and rarely improvise and deviate from the system that I love to live through.


My free time essay

Of course, my free time at this age has become more important, and I am organizing my time, setting goals and plans, and making a short, medium and long study of how to spend my free time, so that I can enjoy beside learning some new things.

So that I can return to study stronger and more experienced. I have an ambition to become a doctor, and in order to achieve this dream, I must strive and struggle and organize my spare time, whether to learn some new lessons or to learn some manual skills that may benefit me in the future.

So I put in my short goals to visit relatives, go out for a walk and do some sports to release negative energy. And in the medium goals I put going to the library at the end of the week to retrieve a book and get a new book, participate in a one-month educational course, learn a new language or focus on learning some quick skills

In long missions, I put training in the use of sensitive and precise tools, such as sharp tools used in surgeries. I like to practice using the scalpel in slicing the thin layer on the grapes. This helps me a lot in practicing the accuracy of my hand.

Of course, this dream did not come true, and I will not become a doctor now, but any dream begins with believing in it. So I devote my free time to benefit from it and learn useful things that may benefit me in the future.


Essay about free time

Leisure time is a favorite of many people, and it can be said that each person has his own nature to spend free time as he likes.

There are those who like to go out and celebrate or share some activities with their friends, or sit at home and sleep or do some quiet and simple things.

After long days of effort in studying, each person needs some requirements that make him regain his energy and feel better.

Activities I do in my spare time

1- Take a little walk alone in the early morning, jog a little, sit in the garden and watch the birds and the life that goes by and walks around me.

2- Touring the shops and seeing some new goods that I might want to buy.

3- Walking around in the evening with my friends, eating meals and soft drinks, talking and having a little fun.

In the event that any volunteer work appears in the area, I would very much like to participate in it and get to know some new people and talk to them, such as simple work cleaning gardens, cleaning the neighborhood in which we live, going to a nursing home for the elderly, going to the children’s hospital.

Such activities I like to do very much beside my normal life that I live so that I can appreciate life and know the blessings that I have and appreciate them and thank God for them.



Free time and hobbies essay

Free time is one of the favorite times for all students and they love to spend happy times and do some hobbies, whether sports or entertainment. Where the free time in the holidays comes after a long semester, it requires them to focus and diligence, prepare a lot of homework, and undergo many tests that stress and make them anxious for a long time.

Therefore, the student’s free time represents the opportunity to rejuvenate his activity, charge his body with energy, and release all the negative energy inside him. It is a good opportunity to relax and spend some time practicing hobbies.

Personally, I like to jog and play soccer. All the games that require long-distance running and the release of great energy. This helps me release the negative energy inside me and renews my activity and vitality.

I also like to go out in the evening, take a walk, and play electronic games with my friends, in order to relieve myself a little and feel a little relaxation that takes me away from stress and tension.

This is how I spend my free time and this helps me a lot. There may be other people who prefer different types of mathematics, but this is my favorite and I like to practice it a lot.



Free time paragraph in English

It is wonderful that there is free time away from study and constant mental effort. I often feel that the holidays and the free time I spend playing sports, or playing some electronic games have come in their time, and that I need to relax and stop thinking, even for a little bit.

It also allows us to return to society, mingle and learn some things away from constant study, go out for a walk and smell some fresh air, make friends, and live normally for some time before returning to study and strive for self-realization in this aspect.

So I enjoy a lot when my free time comes, whether in sports or outing and making new friends, or just playing electronic games, that’s how I spend my free time.



What do you do in your free time essay

In my spare time, I like to organize my day from morning to evening. In the morning, after waking up and having breakfast with my family members, I like to sit a little in the living room with my family members and watch any series or morning program, and talk to each other a little bit until the afternoon period comes.

Then, I get ready to go out to play football, I like to play this sport a lot with my team and friends, we keep playing and training until the early evening.

After that I go home and sit for a little while until 8 in the evening and then I go out for a walk with my friends.
I am very happy with that because I learn from them many things that help me increase my confidence in myself, and I also learn things that help define my identity.

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