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Football research
Football research

Football research

Football research , contains all the important information about football sport. Here you will find all you need to know about football and the rules of the game in detail, and everything related to it under the title football research.

Football research

Football is one of the most important games that the whole world loves ,and here you will find a football research that contains all the details and rules about the game of football.


Football is the most popular sport in the world for years. There can be no sport more popular than football. It is a passion for many people. The football game consists of two teams, each with 11 players. Football is played in a rectangular court with a goal for each side. It is one of the most important games in the Olympic Games since the Paris Olympic Games in 1900. 

The rules of football

The game of football is by foot only, but the goalkeeper is the only player who is allowed to hold the ball with his own hands, provided that he is within his own limits. The rest of the players are allowed to play with legs and head only, and there must be an international reference for the football game to regulate the laws and standards required to make football game more organized and beautiful. And to amend or enforce the laws must be approved by the Federation concerned in the country, and then adopted by the International Football Association. “FIFA.” 

Football yard

The court is a piece of earth shaped like a rectangle,  The play will be within its borders only, and be furnished with green grass, The length of the pitch, the same as the length of the seam, is from 100 to 110 m, and the pitch width shall be 64 if the length is 100 m, and 75 if the length is 110 m. 

Number of Players

Football matches are played between two teams, each team consists of 11 players, including the goalkeeper. Each team is entitled to replace 3 players in the official matches approved by the FA and an unlimited number of substitutions in informal and friendly matches.

 Ball`s law

The ball must have a number of qualities adopted to be fit to play, and these qualities to be spherical shape, and its surroundings between 70 and 68 cm, and the weight between 450 and 410 g, and made of suitable material suitable for kicking and harmless in cases of direct injury to the ball.

Goal law

The goal is the legal dimensions of the International Federation of Football. The goal consists of two vertical columns, each length of 2.44 m, plus a horizontal beam length of 7.32 m, and the nets are placed behind the goal line. Two penalty lines are drawn at an angle on the goal line 16.5m from the inside edge of the two goal points. The two lines are located 16.5m in the field and are connected by a line parallel to the goal line.


The goalkeeper is the most important player in the match because of his role of preventing goals in the game. He can also touch the ball with his hands in the penalty area for only 6 seconds. The goalkeeper’s uniform must be different from his team’s uniform.


 The games are played with 4 referees; a key referee within the court is called the referee of the arena and has many duties before and after the game; such as to make sure the prevailing weather, the pitch, the goal net, and the safety of the players. There are also two assistant referees called the rulers of the flag, and their task is to help the referee in the calculation of errors, and the calculation of infiltration. Finally, there is also a fourth referee on the pitch to assist the referee in making decisions and calculating the lost time of the game, and switch with the referee to complete the game in case of injury.It is the duty of the referee to implement the rules of the game, the calculation of irregularities, penalties, strikes, corner strikes, contact throws, and the announcement of the beginning and end of the game.

Time of the game

The football match is two halves, each of which is 45 minutes, unless the two teams agree on another period, and at the end of each period of time known as overtime  Which is calculated when the game stops because of the injury of a player, or a fight,  Public disturbances, or any other events that hampered the progress of the game, and also when substitutions. There is a break between the two halves which can not exceed 15 minutes, and the game can take a further 15 minutes, with no break between them when the game is in the knockout stages of the tournament.

Infiltration Law  

The intrusion law was introduced in the early 19th century in schools, and it was a strict law. The player is considered an intruder when he is only in front of the ball, and the law of infiltration was similar to the rugby game law. Currently The Infiltration Law applies if the player in the moment of passing the ball is late for the last player of the opposing team and not on the same line. 

Law of cases of cessation of play

There are many cases where the referee can stop the game so that the player can be treated, first aid, injuries, fights, large crowd congestion, bad weather such as snow and heavy rain, Is impossible.

Penal Code and Violations

The penalty is played at a distance of about 5.50 m, and if the time of the game is completed, it is extended to complete the penalty. The penalty is given to the team when a mistake is made against the other team. If a player makes a mistake that requires warning or alert, And prevent the registration of the goal of the investigator, and rough play within the limits of the box.

Code of cards  

The red and yellow cards were used in 1970 at the Olympic Games in Mexico, where a player who made a mistake was given a yellow card warning. The idea of ​​the cards came after a referee gave a verbal warning to the player as there were no cards, but the player did not understand the English spoken by the referee, and the referee expelled the player after he made a mistake the first time.

Players are often warned of yellow cards, such as hindering the resumption of play, leaving the courtroom without permission from the referee, committing unsportsmanlike behavior, and objecting to the verdict in word or deed. 

The circumstances that require expulsion are cases where excessive violence is caused by the players, problems or fights that affect the course of the game, a second yellow card, or intentional blocking of an opponent’s goal by intercepting the ball by hand. 

Football is the most well-known game of history, and the evidence is that there are nearly 250 million people playing football around the world. 

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