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Fish topic
Fish topic

Fish topic

Fish topic ,is a topic about fish in English contains many important and useful information about the fish that you did not know before. And we will know the types and lives and everything related to fish . You’ll find all this here in Fish topic.

Fish topic

There is no doubt that fish has different types  and vary in their diet and environment. Here we will give you all the important information about fish in Fish topic .


Fish are varied in their shapes, types and colors. The Creator has created its composition, which is very similar in its external form, covered by crusts and scales.

Some of them cover the skin as in dolphins, whales, sharks. And vary in ways to get food, some of them are vegetarian feeds on the plants that live on the bottom of the ocean, and others feed on vulnerable marine organisms and  smaller fish like sharks.

As for the ways to protect and defend themselves, many of them resort to protect themselves using the color hiding between marine plants and coral similar to its color to be not clear and apparent to the predator.

While others are producing chemical substances that harm those around him, giving him the opportunity to escape and hide like an octopus fish.

Predatory fish rely on their size, strength and sharp teeth to defend themselves against their predators.

Formal features of fish

Most fish have no lower or upper eyelids around their eyes, so they keep their eyes open all the time even at bedtime.  

It is worth mentioning that the shark is the only fish that has eyelids, but does not close her eyelids during sleep, but sleep and her eyes open like other fish.

When the fish fall asleep they go to the bottom of the water and resemble the human in the internal changes that occur during sleep, the metabolism begins to slow down and slow down the internal processes that were active throughout the day and move the body to a state of rest .

Information about fish

 What is interesting is that some fish feel comfortable sleeping on their stomachs or on one side. They look like they are lying on the bed.

Others may sleep horizontally, and many fish in their sleep resort to burying themselves under the soil to protect them during sleep from active predatory fish at night.

A dribbling fish that lives in the Caribbean Sea, and the Albbagip fish  planned to secrete a liquid mucus damaged around her body before falling asleep.

And do not immerse all the fish to sleep at night there are some fish sleep the day and start its activity and search for food at night.

As the bear hibernates and sleeps for several months until the end of the winter, some fish sleep for a number of months, such as the fish in the summer sabbatical, where they sleep during the summer, dry and hot, digging a hole for itself on the bottom of the river or spring and cover itself with dust and sleep till winter comes.

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