About pet animals
About pet animals

About pet animals

About pet animals is a topic on pets contains a lot of important information about pets and we will know through it  how to take care of it. All of this will be found here in topic about pet animals.

About pet animals

Many people love raising pets and taking care of them at home for a variety of purposes, such as taking advantage of their meat or fur or just for entertainment purposes like cats and dogs. Here you will know everything about pets in topic about pet animals .


 Pets are domesticated animals with human,  living with human beings nicely.  These animals provide many services to humans, such as transport services, tillage and others.

Man must provide shelter, food and drink to it, and provides it with a clean living environment which protects it from diseases. There are a large number of pets.

Types of pets

 Pets are divided into a group of sections, there are pets of the bird species, and other species of predators, and there are also pets that can be eaten by humans and take advantage of their products and others. Examples of pets include:

Dogs, are one of the types of pets, are encouraged by humans to take advantage of them in several areas, such as protecting the home and property and protecting livestock from predators.

Dogs are also used to do some police work, and are used to detect some crimes,  There are also many fishing enthusiasts using dogs to facilitate hunting.

Cats are domesticated pets, as well as in farms and shops, as they are a means of resisting and eliminating rodents. They also protect homes from harmful little animals such as scorpions. Cats attack and feed on these animals.

Donkey, horse and similar animals, these animals are used on farms, to carry loads and to move them, and also to tow carts, as there are many farmers who use the horse and donkey in the process of plowing the land.

Cattle, sheep and goats. These animals are raised by humans as a source of livelihood, and also for their products of milk, meat, milk, and their skins in the garment industry.

Chicken and pigeons, geese, and humans raise these animals to benefit from their eggs and meat.

The rabbit is one of the mammalian animals that reproduce rapidly, and humans can benefit from the flesh and fur of this animal.

Ornamental fish, one of the most beautiful pets that can be raised at home, it gives the home a distinctive beauty, and it gives the viewer a sense of comfort and optimism,  Ornamental fish need special attention and intensive or  they will die.

The turtle is a creeping animal and is raised in homes because of the low risk that it can cause to the members of the home , and it does not need much care, as it can be cleaned once a month.The turtle feeds on lettuce and cucumber.

 The birds. The parrot.  

Hamster, and this animal belongs to the rodent family, and this animal is characterized by its beauty  and many people love it.

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