Facts about wild animals
Facts about wild animals

Facts about wild animals

Facts about wild animals ,A lot of information about animals, including the wonders and strangeness of animals , all this you will find here in facts about wild animals contains all the information you are looking for.

Facts about wild animals

God created living beings in many different images and each creature has its qualities and secrets that scientists are still searching to this day. Here you will find some amazing information about the animal world. All of this will be found here in facts about wild animals .


The wonders of animals

 Parrot differs from all birds as the only bird that can move its upper and lower beams.


The horse has no eyebrows over his eyes.

The frog does not breathe and its mouth is open, and if someone tries to open the frog’s mouth by force for a while, the frog will die suffocating.


 The owl has fixed eyes in its quarries, it can not move them at all, and it is fixed in its head by strong and stable muscles, and is compensated for this lack that the owl can move its head full circle in the air.

The deer has places in their bodies, through which they can breathe, in addition to their nose, so that they breathe quickly without fatigue, while escaping from predatory creatures.


 The ducks have special places in their bodies, close to their tails, where they store special oil, which spreads on the body of the ducks to prevent the water from being affected.

Whale bones contain a high proportion of oil, making them similar to rubber.

 Rabbits have eyes without eyelids, but they have thin tissue membranes, landing on their eyes and obscuring them at bedtime.

Blue whale is the largest animal on the surface of the earth; the size of the heart is as the size of the car, and the length of the tongue up to about five meters, and the weight is measured in thousands of kilograms.

There is a sense of smell in the ants in the legs.

Ants yawn when they wake up early in the morning, just as humans do.

Male foxes marry only one female, and never approach any other female throughout her life, while females in the case of the death of male fox, they may be associated with another male.

The bees flap their wings about three hundred and fifty times a second.

All living organisms move their lower jaw while chewing food, only the crocodiles that move their upper jaw, while the lower is stationary.

 If the scorpion is surrounded by fire, it kills itself.  The mosquito insect has forty-seven teeth.

 Turtles breathe from an area in their hindquarters.

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