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Essay on mother in English
Essay on mother in English

Essay on mother in English

Essay on mother in English where you will find all the words you want in which you can know the mother’s greatness and her great role in all of our lives, all of which you will find here in an essay on mother in English .

Essay on mother in English

Mother is the source of tenderness and safety for each person even if you have the power or money will not feel the happiness and the real safety. All this will be found here in an essay on mother in English.


No matter how close we are to people, no matter how many people around us, there is no one to make up for the status of the mother, and no matter how old we are and become adults and can rely on ourselves and we can take responsibility.

But we can not do  any thing without the mother, we can not have a future without the mother who is the source of love and happiness, and even money can not make up for the mother.

The rich is rich in the presence of the mother, the mother is everything in this life, she is the consolation of grief and hope in despair and strength in weakness, and the truly weak is to live without a mother.

The mother is a small word filled with hope and love, and all that is in the human heart of tenderness and sweetness.

She is the wellspring of tenderness, compassion, and forgiveness. The one who loses his mother loses a breast to which his head rests, hands bless him and eyes guard him.

The noble Sunna also spoke about the importance of the mother, and this is an indication of the importance of obedience to the mother and charity to it.

who takes care of us in our youth ?, and who rejoice to our joy and sadness for our grief? And who pray for us? And who wishes us all the best in our lives and does not wish our hurt ? Who is the true friend in this life? Does not she deserve to take care of her in her oldness and to obey and respect her?.

Do not forget that paradise under her feet and her satisfaction is  of from the satisfaction of Allah, whatever we say can not give her what she deserves .

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