Mother's love essay
Mother's love essay

Mother’s love essay

Mother’s love essay , contains many information about the mother and her importance in the life of each individual. She has a role in the construction of the whole society . All that you will find here in Mother’s love essay in English.

Mother’s love essay

The mother is the spring of tenderness, she is the cause of reassurance and safety for every person, whatever his authority or whatever possessions of money or position, will feel the real security only in the presence of his mother. All of this we will be here in Mother’s love essay in English.

The mother

There is no doubt that the mother is entitled to such a great position and great care, she is compassionate  to her children, and how she suffered from pain and suffered from difficulties , and at birth she measured what men can not endure.

And then forget all that pain when she saw the face of her son, to occupy her night and day taking care of him.She tired for his rest, and weep for his pain. And she took care of his son for long years in all kinds of mercy and compassion .

Women are half the society; they are the ones who give birth and educate, the generation maker, which gives without charge, the spring of tenderness, which does not dry, no matter how long.

 She is the queen of women, and whatever we say about her, we can not give her what she deserve. All words and meanings stand helpless in front of her.

The mother carries her child on her left hand, not by coincidence, where modern science has discovered that the newborn child, when he cries and the mother put it on her left hand he stops; because in this situation is touching the heart of the mother, Thus the child hears the sound of his mother’s heartbeat, the sound he first heard as a fetus before he was born.

This is the great miracle of the Lord, since the child is in the innermost depths of his mother, surrounded by an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, of food and warmth, and others.

But when he goes out to life, loses this atmosphere and longing for it, he expresses it by crying, and the mother accelerates to put  him on her side Left, without knowing the content of it.It is the instinct that Allah has created in the mother.

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