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Short essay on my mother
Short essay on my mother

Short essay on my mother

Short essay on my mother ,with many important information about the role of the mother in the advancement of societies, as she is the cornerstone that is educating generations and learning values ​​and principles to be active people in their communities. All that information will be found here in a short essay on my mother .

Short essay on my mother

Mother is one of the pillars of society ;if it collapses ,the whole society will collapse .Mother is the half of the society ,is the one that gives birth and raise the other half and hence its role is effective and indispensable, and we will know all about the virtue of the mother in a short essay on my mother in English.


For the important and great role played by the mother in life, she has been honored and given high and great position since the dawn of humanity.

The mother is half of the society, without her existence could not live in this world, she has been mentioned by many poets in their poems.

And the mother received a special honor in the Islamic religion, making her in higher grades than other people because of the great importance of the mother.

God Almighty made her satisfaction and obedience coupled with the obedience and satisfaction of God Almighty.The man who hates his mother and angers her is severely punished in this world and the hereafter.

The mother has a great role in society, she educates her children, so that they are the good fruit of society, and have a constructive and effective role in their society. The good mother is good for the whole society.

An invalid mother leads to the destruction of the society by raising her children in an abnormal manner, leading to the spread of corruption and harm in society and limiting its progress and development.

Of the rights of the mother to her children to be respected and appreciated by them, through dealing with all love and kindness, and to provide all the needs and requirements of her own, and avoid cruelty in dealing with her. 

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