Essay on mobile phone in English
Essay on mobile phone in English

Essay on mobile phone in English

Essay on mobile phone in English , with all the information that you want to know about the importance of mobile and the way it works, as well as the negatives and advantages of mobile, and anyone who wants information on mobile phone will find here Essay on mobile phone in English .

Essay on mobile phone in English

Mobile is now one of the most important concerns of the community, everyone spends most of their time in the use of mobile and if you want to know information about the pros and cons of mobile and how to protect yourself from the disadvantages and damage, you will find here Essay on mobile phone in English.

 Mobile phone

A mobile phone, or cell phone or is defined as a wireless communication device that operates through a network of transmission towers, which are distributed over large areas to cover them.

They are connected by fixed lines or satellites.

It is more than just an audio-only way, and it’s like a laptop, which does a lot of things like scheduling appointments, receiving voicemail, and browsing websites.

Mobile Phone Features:

Ability to contact, talk to and see others.

The possibility of sending SMS to all over the world.

Possibility to enjoy the games available on it.

Ability to listen to various audio files, radio and sound recording.

Pros and cons of mobile phone :


Give mobile users the opportunity to communicate with people who want quickly and easily around the world.

The opportunity to use the Internet, reply to emails, and browse various websites.


People’s excessive use of mobile phones has taken a lot of time in their life, with different ages and interests, increasing social and psychological problems among mobile phone users.

There are a lot of warnings about the health risks of using a mobile phone.

Radiation from these phones can cause biological changes in the body’s cells, affect the protein system in these cells, cause chemical tensions in the structure and increase the risk of cancer.

Tips for preventing mobile phone damage :

Do not call the phone if the network is weak.

Avoid making calls while traveling.

Prefer to use the microphone when talking to mobile instead of putting it on the ear.

The speakers are placed in the ear only during the call.

Avoid placing the mobile near the sensitive organs of the body.

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