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Short essay on mobile phone
Short essay on mobile phone

Short essay on mobile phone

Short essay on mobile phone , with all the important and useful information about  mobile damage and its benefits. Here you will find Short essay on mobile phone; this small tool that has become indispensable today.

Short essay on mobile phone

Mobile has become a device in these days that any person can not dispense with it, but on the contrary it became possible to dispense with people and social and family relations because of mobile, and here you will find Short essay on mobile phone.

Mobile phone

There is no one can give up mobile phone now, so it has become a basic thing for everyone, young and old, because it provides people with a lot of services and applications that have made life easier, faster and more time-consuming.

It is no longer limited to receiving and sending voice calls, we can make video call for example with anyone on the planet; so we will talk about the benefits and damages of this little device that no one can give up.

Mobile benefits;

Social benefits: Mobile is easy for everyone to communicate with others and shorten the time and cost, especially for people who are remote or living in a strange way, so that parents can reach them easily, as well as necessary when a person is at risk such as accidents and fire, So contact the hospital and emergency, bring a doctor and many more.

Financial benefits: These are highly noticeable for entrepreneurs and people who have free businesses, so they can complete their business, deals and businesses in seconds, which has contributed to the availability of Internet service in most modern mobile phones, which has contributed significantly to saving a lot of money; Because it is possible to make free phone calls through a wide range of applications.

Different benefits: These are related to mobile applications such as alarm clock, camera, and voice recording, especially if used correctly.

Mobile damage ;

Social damage: It is the most prevalent; as a result of not using many people for mobile in the right direction, and not to take into account the privacy and ethics, the most important of which:

The inconvenience of others to contact them at all times day and night, in addition to the use of some of some applications such as the camera.

The impact on social relations is largely static, and there are no real meetings or even family gatherings; many have only a phone call for several minutes, and even if people meet you can not see someone does not carry his mobile in his hand and used one way or another.

Increase the incidence of accidents due to the use of mobile phone and its applications during driving or walking, and therefore lack of focus while driving, resulting in human and material losses.

Economic damage: The increase in the value of the material burden of payment of bills, in addition to the obsession of most or even everyone in the follow-up of everything that is new and try to buy the latest versions.

Health damage: It includes the following: affects the brain as a result of harmful radiation issued, especially on children; because the thickness of the skull they have few.

Increases the growth rate of cancer cells due to harmful radiation. Causing headaches and insomnia, as well as mood swings and fatigue. The immune system is slowly weakening.

Thus we have provided each researcher with Short essay on mobile phone, and can read another topics on the mobile through the following expression:

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