Essay on fitness
Essay on fitness

Essay on fitness 2 Models

Essay on fitness is one of the most important topics that everyone talks about. After man invented equipment that helped him in all the daily tasks that he used to perform by himself, obesity appeared remarkably.

Most of the world’s population has suffered from a noticeable increase in weight. There are reasons for this increase that we must know in order to be able to overcome it. There are also good ways to lose weight and get in good physical shape. This is what we will present below.

Essay on fitness

Who among us does not seek to achieve an ideal weight, and in our essay on fitness, we will tell you the secrets that those who know and implement can gain ideal weight and fitness.

And since the whole world is looking for the best and easiest ways to get a slender body and prominent muscles, we must read and learn how to get this wonderful body. And whoever wants to protect himself from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease must follow the following.

What is meant by fitness?

It is the healthy state of the body, in which every human organ is in the best condition. And when the body enjoys a good health condition, a person can perform all the tasks required of him to the fullest.

But if a person does not enjoy good health due to damage or weakness in any of his body parts, then he loses his physical fitness and is unable to move or perform the tasks required of him well. He becomes lazier and gets tired very quickly.

Steps to getting fit

There are several things a person can do during his day in order to have a healthy body. And that is what we will learn in our essay on fitness. There are exercises suitable for every part of the body. Where each person learns a certain number of exercises that suit him and performs them on a daily basis until he gets the required fitness.

Lung and breathing exercises

The first organs that a person must take care of in order to have a good healthy life, is to take care of the way he breathes on a daily basis. These exercises target the lung, where the person breathes in a certain way. This correct breathing makes the body receive a large amount of oxygen. This exercise strengthens all parts of the body.

We find that it strengthens the heart and muscles. Which improves the general health of this person, and the effect of strength appears on him.

Muscle strengthening exercises

Muscles are what help a person do the things required of him in a healthy and strong way. Muscles are found in every part of the body. That is why a person must train all the muscles of his body in order to become stronger.

These exercises consist of carrying weights that start with light weights, then a gradient in weight occurs until it reaches heavy weights.

What happens when a person carries heavy weights is that the old muscle breaks down and a new muscle grows bigger and stronger.

Exercises that increase flexibility

This type of exercise helps the body to receive other exercises well. Where flexibility exercise helps a person not get injured during exercise. Injuries may occur while lifting weights due to failure to perform flexibility exercises.

Increase stamina

A person must do certain exercises that increase his stamina, as he exercises these exercises continuously, which will make him stronger with time and perseverance. It can be by walking or by riding a bicycle, so it is not required that it be by means of weights that the person lifts.

The benefits of sports for humans

Sport raises a person’s physical ability, so he feels that his muscles are stronger and bigger. Which enables him to do things and actions that he previously felt difficult and that he was weak and could not do them easily.

Heart health

The heart is one of the organs whose weakness leads to serious diseases that make a person refrain from performing the tasks of his life. In our essay on fitness, we will know that heart disease kills many people every year.

And doctors discovered that in order to have a healthy and disease-free heart, you must exercise on a daily basis. And this sport may be half an hour of healthy walking. Or you might be going out on a bike or doing aerobics.


The number of people with diabetes has increased in recent years, as patients eat unhealthy food and do not exercise.

However, with the abundance of scientific research, doctors discovered that a diabetic patient must follow a diet suitable for him and must exercise on a daily basis.

Lose weight

If you are overweight, you must go to a doctor who specializes in nutrition and obesity. And when you visit the specialist doctor, he will prescribe a diet that suits your condition. And you must exercise in addition to following the diet.

When a person sticks to a diet and does regular exercise, he will have a perfect body. Where exercise works to dissolve fat and replace it with muscles. Which sculpts the body and eliminates excess fat.

Cholesterol disease

This disease is one of the most common diseases due to eating unhealthy food full of fat. These fats cause high cholesterol in the blood, which needs treatment. Cholesterol treatment depends on diet and exercise.

Strengthening muscles and bones

Because of not leaving the house and riding in cars, people began to suffer from osteoporosis and muscle weakness.

Everyone has become unable to walk or do physical work. The only solution to this problem is for people to exercise to strengthen their bones and muscles.

Treatment of depression

Depression has spread these days due to isolation from society and the use of social media tools. Which makes the person think that he communicates with everyone, but in reality it makes the person lonely and isolated from society.

And the only way for a person to get rid of depression and loneliness is to get out of the house and go to exercise or go out for a walk every day. These exercises of all kinds improve a person’s mood, and with time he gets rid of all kinds of depression.

Improve sleep quality

A number of people suffer from insomnia and the inability to sleep properly. In an essay on fitness, we will know that the reason for lack of sleep is that the person is stressed or overthinking. Also, pollution and work pressure cause mental fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

But when a person performs exercises periodically, the sport refreshes the body and makes him sleep during the night in a healthy and deep way. That is why doctors advise those suffering from insomnia to exercise regularly.


If you suffer from stress because of the hustle and bustle, you must reduce the symptoms of stress. Stress is at its worst when a person is exposed to several stressful things at the same time. An effective way to get rid of stress is for a person to exercise.

There are several types of sports that are suitable for people suffering from stress. If you want a sport that makes you feel relaxed, you must practice yoga. But if you prefer to let out the pent-up anger inside you, you can practice boxing.

Delay aging

Geriatric diseases are diseases that affect a person who is aging, but the symptoms of aging can easily be alleviated.

A person who exercises physical health is better than a person who does not exercise any sport.

The reason for the improvement in the health of the person who continues to exercise is that the exercises make the muscles stronger and make the joints flexible, which increases their strength and prolongs their life.

As for those who do not exercise, they feel atrophy in their muscles and roughness in the joints, which leads to their damage.



We have finished providing an essay on fitness. We learned about the importance of fitness and how to do the exercises correctly. And we knew that physical fitness helps a person strengthen his heart and muscles. A person must go to a specialist doctor to follow up on his condition. The reason for exercising is for the body to become stronger and the muscles to be in good shape.

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