Essay on environment
Essay on environment

Essay on environment

Essay on environment is one of the semi-monthly essays that students of all educational levels are asked to do.
It was requested by more than one title, such as, an essay on the environment, an essay on pollution, a paragraph on pollution of the seas, a paragraph on the preservation of the environment, an essay on global warming, an essay on plastic pollution. Or the article could be about talking about the benefits of the environment or about World Environment Day.

All of these topics have specific goals, which are to broaden the student’s horizons and make him aware of the impact of the pollution produced around us, so that he becomes aware of his role in society and how he must preserve the environment from pollution, even if through the method of disposing of his simple waste.

Essay on environment

The term environment includes all living organisms on the planet, and their role in the continuation of life, whether this life is in the air, water, above ground, underground. All these objects fall under this term.

This environment was found so that life could continue on it, and so that it would not be exposed to extinction. Therefore, all life forms on the planet must be preserved in order for life to continue on it. As it is known that the planet Earth is the only known planet that has life, and this is due to the living ecosystem on it.

When searching for the concept of the environment and its role in preserving life, we found that it is highly intertwined, and it is impossible to dispense with any kind of living organisms that live on it.

Every life that lives in this environment plays an important role in maintaining the health of the earth, as it maintains the continuation of human life without diseases or nutritional problems. The human being also plays an important role in preserving the environment or the disruption and weakness of the environment.

Life has existed on planet Earth since the beginning of creation, and the only known fact is that man and his expansion in construction and invention and the increase in the dissemination of pollution play an important role in disrupting the ecological system whose role is to preserve and sustain life on planet Earth.

Therefore, it is important to spread environmental awareness. As we can see, many institutions today abandon one of the most important pollution factors, such as coal, fuel, and the use of electricity or clean materials that do not contribute to environmental pollution.

These remarkable changes that many giant factories seemed to change as a result of noticeable pollution in the air, and a definite impact on the ozone layer, which led to changes clearly in the Antarctic and a major climate change that affected the melting and sinking of many areas.

Therefore, the responsibility fell on us, humans, to continue destroying the environment, or reviving and working without affecting the environmental life, in order to maintain the continuity of life on planet Earth.




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