Essay on environment
Essay on environment

Essay on environment

Updated On — Thursday , June 30 2022

Essay on environment is one of the semi-monthly essays that students of all educational levels are asked to do.
It was requested by more than one title, such as, an essay on the environment, an essay on pollution, a paragraph on pollution of the seas, a paragraph on the preservation of the environment, an essay on global warming, an essay on plastic pollution. Or the article could be about talking about the benefits of the environment or about World Environment Day.

All of these topics have specific goals, which are to broaden the student’s horizons and make him aware of the impact of the pollution produced around us, so that he becomes aware of his role in society and how he must preserve the environment from pollution, even if through the method of disposing of his simple waste.

Essay on environment

The term environment includes all living organisms on the planet, and their role in the continuation of life, whether this life is in the air, water, above ground, underground. All these objects fall under this term.

This environment was found so that life could continue on it, and so that it would not be exposed to extinction. Therefore, all life forms on the planet must be preserved in order for life to continue on it. As it is known that the planet Earth is the only known planet that has life, and this is due to the living ecosystem on it.

When searching for the concept of the environment and its role in preserving life, we found that it is highly intertwined, and it is impossible to dispense with any kind of living organisms that live on it.

Every life that lives in this environment plays an important role in maintaining the health of the earth, as it maintains the continuation of human life without diseases or nutritional problems. The human being also plays an important role in preserving the environment or the disruption and weakness of the environment.

Life has existed on planet Earth since the beginning of creation, and the only known fact is that man and his expansion in construction and invention and the increase in the dissemination of pollution play an important role in disrupting the ecological system whose role is to preserve and sustain life on planet Earth.

Therefore, it is important to spread environmental awareness. As we can see, many institutions today abandon one of the most important pollution factors, such as coal, fuel, and the use of electricity or clean materials that do not contribute to environmental pollution.

These remarkable changes that many giant factories seemed to change as a result of noticeable pollution in the air, and a definite impact on the ozone layer, which led to changes clearly in the Antarctic and a major climate change that affected the melting and sinking of many areas.

Therefore, the responsibility fell on us, humans, to continue destroying the environment, or reviving and working without affecting the environmental life, in order to maintain the continuity of life on planet Earth.




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Environmental pollution essay

There is no doubt that environmental pollution has become a major problem, and therefore there is international cooperation to solve this problem through holding international conferences such as the Group of 20, which discuss the problem and try to develop solutions to it, and enact laws that oblige countries to limit the spread of environmental pollution.

This summit is held at the highest level so that the presidents, prime ministers, and concerned ministers attend it or follow up on the recommendations it came with.

In order to talk about the problem of environmental pollution, we must first know what the environment is, and what it consists of, then we deal with each element of the environment in detail to know what are the causes of its pollution and how to get rid of that pollution, or at least reduce its percentage.

definition of the environment:

By the term environment we mean everything that surrounds us and affects us and we affect it, such as soil, air, water, climate and all the living organisms that live with us on planet Earth, and it is clear that all these elements are closely related to each other, so that if a defect occurs in one of these elements, the rest of the system will be affected The environment is affected by this imbalance, and in the end, human health is affected, and his life is in danger.

environment components:

1- Soil: Soil plays an important role in providing food for both humans and animals.

2- Air: Without air, there is no life on Earth.

3- Water: Water is the origin of life. From water, every living thing was created.

4- Climate: Climate affects all elements of the environment and causes huge changes.

And we will talk in the following about the causes of pollution of each element of the environment and the danger of this to human life.



Environmental pollution essay in english 150 words

Soil contamination

Soil is one of the most important elements of the environment that we must preserve from pollution, because when the soil is polluted, plants will be affected by that, and they may grow slowly or die depending on the degree of pollution, in addition to the fact that plants will have a percentage of polluting materials in the soil, and therefore our food will be Polluted and unhealthy, and instead of food being a source of health for our bodies, food becomes a cause of our disease.

Soil pollution causes

There are many causes of soil pollution, most of which are the result of agricultural or industrial activities carried out by man over the ages, including the following:

1- Use of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture. Excessive use of these pesticides over many years leads to the accumulation of large quantities of harmful and toxic chemicals in the soil.

2- Disposing of chemical waste resulting from industrial activity by burying it in the soil, or by throwing it in water, then this water is used in agriculture, thus chemicals are deposited in the soil, and sometimes these materials have severe damage to our health.

3- The use of polluted water in agriculture and thus the deposition of polluting materials in the soil.

4- Disposing of nuclear waste by burying it in the soil.

5- Acid rain causes soil pollution.

6- Waste resulting from mining, oil and mineral extraction, and the chemical industries that follow that lead to soil pollution.

7- Failure to dispose of household waste, whether solid or liquid, in a correct manner leads to soil pollution.

8- Soil pollution may be the result of natural causes such as the eruption of volcanoes, where the nature and characteristics of the soil change as a result of the lava flow.



environment pollution paragraph

Damage caused by soil pollution

There is no doubt that soil pollution will affect the lives of all living organisms and threaten them with danger, because the ecosystem is integrated and interconnected, and each element of it affects the other elements.

Therefore, when the soil is affected and becomes unsuitable for agriculture, this will lead to a lack of food and thus famines will occur that lead to the death of many people. Also, soil contamination with chemicals and insecticides leads to the pollution of plants as a result of the accumulation of chemicals in them, and then these chemicals are transmitted to our bodies when we eat this contaminated food, which affects the work of all body systems, especially the liver, and therefore diseases spread in the most polluted places. Hence, it was necessary to combat pollution in general and combat soil pollution in particular.



Short essay on environmental pollution

How do we protect the soil from pollution

All countries, bodies and organizations must work to preserve the soil because it is the source of our food, and there is a direct impact on our health as a result of soil pollution. Among the factors that reduce the percentage of pollution in the soil are the following:

1- Not to overuse chemicals and pesticides in agriculture.

2- Treating industrial wastewater before dumping it into the water, especially the water that will be used in agriculture.

3- Treating sewage before disposing of it in canals that are used in agriculture.

4- Disposing of nuclear waste in a safe manner that does not affect the soil.

5- Addressing the causes of acid rain in order to avoid its occurrence.

6- Expanding waste recycling because this reduces soil pollution, which is an essential component of the environment.

7- Enact strict laws that obligate countries to preserve the environment in general and soil in particular.



Short paragraph on environmental pollution

Air pollution

Undoubtedly, fresh air is necessary for all living things.Air is a major component of the environment and we cannot live without it. Although the atmospheric air is composed of gases, the imbalance in the presence of these gases in the air leads to death. The air is also different from the soil in that the soil pollution is related to the place where the pollution occurred, but the air pollution cannot be controlled in its spread, and therefore air pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollutionThe world has gone through several terrifying experiences when a radioactive leak occurred from nuclear reactors, and the result of air pollution with this radiation was that many people died, and people were evacuated for very long distances from the place of nuclear reactors, and its harmful effect lasted for a long time.



Short essay about environmental problems

reasons for air polution

There is no doubt that most of the causes of air pollution are the result of human activity, human progress and expansion in industry and the use of unclean energy sources, which affected the atmosphere and caused some dangerous phenomena such as the ozone hole and global warming.

I will mention some of the causes of air pollution as follows:

1- The rise of air pollution gases as a result of the combustion of fuel used to produce the energy needed to run machines and vehicles of all kinds, such as cars, trains, ships and others, as they depend on the combustion of petroleum and its derivatives to obtain the energy needed to operate the vehicles, but as a result of this ignition harmful gases rise that pollute the air.

2- The rise of chemical fumes and gases resulting from chemical industries.

3- Nuclear radioactive leakage from nuclear reactors, as it pollutes the air and has a wide-ranging effect.

4- Disposing of agricultural waste and residues by burning them, which results in harmful gases that pollute the air.

5- Disposing of household waste by burning it, without taking into account the organic or chemical substances it contains.

6- Air pollution with viruses as a result of not following health instructions, which helps the spread of diseases.

7- As a result of the excessive use of unclean energy in industry, there will be a so-called black hole in the atmosphere, in addition to the global warming phenomenon, which will affect the nature of the globe, in terms of temperatures, droughts, torrents and rains, which will cause climate change and change the usual agricultural places. In addition, the water level in the oceans and seas will rise as a result of melting ice, and this may lead to the sinking of some coastal cities.



Short essay on save environment

How do we solve the problem of air pollution

1- Expanding the use of clean energy instead of petroleum and its derivatives, and countries have already begun to do so, and the gas-powered car and the electric car were produced, but their numbers are still few for cars that run on petroleum derivatives.

2- Use good filters for factories to get rid of the rising gases in a safe way and not pollute the air with them.

3- Follow healthy habits and guidelines issued by the World Health Organization to avoid air pollution with viruses and to avoid the spread of diseases.

4- It is important to spread awareness among citizens of the importance of sorting garbage at home and disposing of it in a sanitary manner.

5- Expanding the recycling process to benefit from agricultural, household and other waste, because this will maintain a clean environment and reduce pollution, in addition to obtaining less expensive products.

6- Ensuring that nuclear reactors are built so that they conform to safety specifications, and there must be continuous maintenance for them.



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