My aim in life essay
My aim in life essay

My aim in life essay 17 Models

My aim in life essay – for students, it is an important topic for every student. We provide several templates of 100, 150, 200 – 500 words, to help students write My aim in life essay – for students.

Goals differ from one person to another, everyone has a goal that they seriously strive to achieve. Setting goals is the first step on the road to success. When you set your goal, it is easy to achieve it with minimal effort.

It is possible to achieve great goals when we work hard, and the use of the experiences of others helps us a lot in overcoming obstacles.

Life has no meaning without having valuable goals that we work to achieve. The goal is the end we want to reach.
A conscious person is the one who realizes what he wants to do in his life, and what his future aspirations and dreams are. Topics suitable for the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and the first, second, and third grades of middle school and high school.

 My aim in life essay – for students

There is no doubt that every student has set his goal, which is to succeed with excellence in study, and to join the university he prefers to study at. Therefore, students choose at the secondary level the section that qualifies them for university study, and this is setting goals.

Some students prefer to study literary subjects, and their goal is to enroll in theoretical faculties, such as studying law, languages, history, and others. While others prefer to study scientific subjects in order to join practical colleges such as medicine, pharmacy and science. Some students prefer to study mathematics in order to enroll in the College of Engineering or the Institutes of Technology and others.

Thus, the student can direct his efforts to achieving the goal, and in My aim in life essay – for students, I will write a paragraph about the definition of the goal and the importance of defining our goals.

Aim definition

The aim is the end that you want to reach in the end. For example, if a person wants to be a doctor in the future, he must strive to achieve this goal by studying scientific subjects and excelling in his studies, achieving success in exams, joining medical school, and studying seriously. Thus, he can eventually achieve his goal and become a successful doctor in his work.

I like the saying: “The ultimate goal of life is action, not knowledge. Science without action is nothing. We learn in order to act.” Thomas Huxley

It is noticeable that this person was able to define his goal and study the scientific materials that qualify him to join the Faculty of Medicine. Thus, it saves time and effort.

But when we do not define our goals, there is confusion and great effort in sub-things that are far from the goal. We may reach our aim in the end after tiring and passing a long time, or we may not reach our aim, and this is considered a major failure.

The importance of aim setting

Determining the goal is one of the most important success factors, because it helps us determine the right path that we must take.
I like this saying: “The straight path only leads to the goal.” Andre Geed. Therefore, I set my aim precisely, and in fact I have several goals that I want to achieve in the future.

These goals are related to the job that I want to work in in the future, my place of residence, my marriage and the formation of a family, my economic status, owning a house and a car.

There is no doubt that the goals are many and I cannot achieve them at the same time, so I care about priorities.
For example, now my most important goal is to achieve great success in my studies, and therefore I am working to achieve this goal by studying seriously, seeking the help of my teachers, attending school regularly, relying on myself to obtain knowledge and learn more information through the Internet.

All of this will help me achieve my goal at this stage, which is to excel in my studies. In My aim in life essay – for students, I will explain that every stage of my life has a specific goal. But this goal leads to another bigger goal, until I reach my greatest aim in life.

My aim in life essay – for students 300 words

I want to be a doctor in the future, because the work of a doctor is important in all societies. The doctor provides a great humanitarian service, in addition to the fact that the doctor has a good social status.

When I set my career goal, it became easy for me to plan in a good way to achieve this goal. Therefore, I joined the science department in high school, and studied science subjects such as chemistry, physics and biology.

I like to know biology very much, it is an interesting subject, I have read a lot about the human body, how the body systems work, what are the diseases that affect humans, and how to treat them. All this information will be useful to me in the future when I go to medical school.

The information we search for ourselves cannot be forgotten by the passage of time. Learning is a continuous process that does not stop at a certain stage, because science develops with the increase in scientific research and the advancement of technological means that are used in scientific research.

Therefore, we must follow what science has reached in terms of new inventions and recent discoveries in the field in which we want to work in the future.

After completing my high school studies, I will study at the Faculty of Medicine, in order to achieve my career goal, which is to be a doctor. In My aim in life essay – for students, I will explain my economic goal in the future. I like the saying : “Glory lies in a person’s attempt to reach a goal, not in reaching it.” Mahatma Gandhi.

My aim in life essay – for students 150 words

I am a hardworking person and I like to work seriously, so I want to have money to help me live a life of some luxury, because a person who is serious about his work should enjoy some vacations to entertain himself and enjoy nature.

Therefore, I want to work seriously, and to travel on vacations to other countries, in order to enjoy watching archaeological sites, or enjoy natural scenery, shopping, entertainment, and others. And I believe that: “The goal that needs unhealthy means to reach it… is not the right goal.” Albert Camus.

One of my most important economic goals is to have a hospital, because this will help me provide distinguished medical services, in addition to that it will greatly improve my economic condition.

The work of the doctor is a great humanitarian work, and we cannot dispense with the work of doctors in peace or war. It is an essential job in all societies, and the importance of the doctor’s job has emerged during the spread of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19).

My future social goal / 100 words

I am a social person, I like to live with my family, so I want to get married, have children, and have a family. Therefore, I want to own a big house in a coastal city, and to live in this house with my wife and children, and my father and mother. I want to achieve a happy life for all of my family members. Living with the family provides us with great happiness, as we feel loved and psychologically reassured. I also want my wife to be kind. I love cooperation and making others happy. In My aim in life essay – for students, I will talk about my aim in life in general.

My aim in life essay – for students |200 words

My aim in life in general is to be a useful person who does a great job of serving others. I want to live a happy life, have a good job, and do great service to people. I believe a lot in this saying: “Do your work well and you will achieve your hope.” The philosopher Plato

I also want to have a family, to own a house and a car, and to have a bank account with a large amount of money, so that I can provide for all the needs of my family.

My aim in life is to live in peace without fear. Great goals certainly take a lot of effort, I am very ambitious and will overcome any obstacles in the way of my success.

The goal that we pursue without appreciating the obstacles, without fearing the dangers, is a goal that can never be reached.” Alvaro Motis.

Life is a set of experiences, and every path we take is a mixture of sadness and joy, optimism and despair, ease and difficulty. The road to success is difficult and full of obstacles, so I am able to endure and face obstacles, through strong will and determination to achieve my goals.

Clarity of purpose  causes reassurance and leads to happiness”. Goethe, a playwright and poet. I promised myself to walk forward on the path of success, and I will not back down, no matter what difficulties I face, I will overcome them, and turn failure into success. I never like despair, I believe that great goals are not impossible, but they require determination, will and good planning.


At the end of My aim in life essay – for students, I presented the definition of the goal, and that it is the end that we want to reach in the end. The importance of setting a goal to reduce effort and time. Setting a goal makes us focus on achieving it without branching out in ways that do not lead us to achieving the goal.

There is a main goal in my life, but in order to achieve this goal there must be interim goals, which ultimately lead to achieving the main goal in my life.

Failure is not achieving our goals, but failure is that we do not try to reach the goal.” Che Guevara.
I believe that the path to success is difficult, and therefore I must give up despair completely, and plan well to achieve my goal with minimal effort, and I must seek the help of experienced people, and find a solution to any problem I encounter, continuing to work seriously that leads to achieving the goal.

At the end of My aim in life essay – for students, I hope you have benefited, and I appreciate your comments.


My aim in life essay 846 words

My goal in life is to become a person of value to society, a person whose abilities can be relied upon, and to become one of the effective personalities that help its society in building and progressing, and to have great energy and ability to develop, so that I can progress and excel continuously.

Undoubtedly, there are many people who do not have a goal or a destination that they seek to reach, and these I liken them to a ship that has no destination, which does not reach anywhere.

Unlike people with will and goals, they can achieve many things in their lives, and these achievements are very suitable for them. I will explain this in my aim in life essay.

For a long time, I had many ideas, such as what is the purpose of life, and other similar thoughts, but I was able to identify the problem that I do not have a specific goal until I have ambition to achieve it, so I should have known well what my goal is, and what is an effective personality of value in the society I want to be like.

Until I was able to reach that the doctor is one of the influential personalities, especially if he works in an important and sensitive specialty that helps others to live their lives normally, without suffering or pain.

In order for me to reach this goal, I must stick to my dream no matter what obstacles I face, and I must prepare myself well to excel in study until I reach this goal.

I know very well that this goal is different from other goals that do not require effort and dedication since childhood, and that I will face many obstacles in improving and developing myself in study.

The wonderful thing about this job is that it brings you a good reputation and great fame whenever you apply for it, and you have many people who trust you and know your experience, which makes them leave you the judgment in diagnosis and treatment with confidence. It was explained in my aim in life essay. 

There is the social aspect, that the character of the doctor is loved by everyone, children or adults, as he represents one of the respected personalities in society who imposes himself on everyone, and obtains everyone’s love, which gives the person a good aura, and great approval for his role in society.

It also contains many skills that the doctor learns from his graduation until his last working day in this profession, so it is very interesting for me, because it does not have a specific or known ceiling in learning, treatment and creativity.

Therefore, it represents a great challenge for me, and this is one of the qualities that I love in myself, the challenge and not being afraid of the unknown, in addition to my love for development and progress, especially the improvement of the tools, inventions, or treatment methods available to me, It was explained in my aim in life essay. 

It is also one of the jobs that a person can gain many ideas through his work environment, get to know many different nationalities, meet people with a high level of intellectual progress, and can gain many useful points from them.

It is also a wonderful environment to work, where there are many superior people, who are always striving to progress and reach the best possible result, which creates a competitive atmosphere always, and there is always an incentive to research, progress, learn and use the latest and best methods.

Although it is a wonderful job and has a lot of achievements to be proud of, but it includes a lot of risks and a lot of failure that a person will face, It was explained in my aim in life essay. 

I realize how difficult it is, but I see a wonderful side to it, which is facing reality and accepting it. The doctor gives his best, and he seeks to treat the patient or provide the best possible result, and until he can do this, he will face some failures and obstacles that he will learn from and make him strong so that he can continue and work without getting bored.


With the same previous thought, short articles can be built, and this is what you will find  in the upcoming models, which will include some of the article’s strengths while merging them into easy phrases to suit all educational stages to make the topic easy.


Dear student, a basic form was submitted for the topic on my aim in life essay, In addition to many other models such as, ambition, on my aim in life, on my aim in life to become a lawyer, my future ambition is to be a doctor, on my aim in life to become a singer, on my aim in life to become a soldier, on my aim in life to become a pilot, short paragraph.

I hope you have benefited from my aim in life essay

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