My aim in life essay
My aim in life essay

My aim in life essay

Updated On — Wednesday , November 23 2022

My aim in life essay, is one of the interesting and fascinating topics that help the student to get to know himself in a deeper and better way.

The teacher can identify the goals that occupy the student and use them to motivate or approach him and gain his confidence, so this type of essay represents a wonderful analytical aspect for both parties.

The student can obtain high marks when presenting a similar topic, talking about the personal or psychological aspects and linking them to the future goals that the person aspires to, or the current goals that he is working to achieve.

The student can also benefit from this topic, by conducting a detailed research on the goals in life, knowing the points needed to achieve them, and how to own them so that he becomes one of the people with the right destinations, and has goals and ambitions that he seeks to achieve.



My aim in life essay

There is a great role for the school in building new, superior generations in society, who have goals and ambitions, and learn how to plan for them and strive to achieve them.

This article represents a strong link for the student in defining and identifying his goals, and a good analytical source for the teacher to know the ideas of his students and the extent of their aspirations in life, and what are the important jobs that they are looking to obtain.

Note: This article will be divided into several different models that cover all aspects that the teacher or student needs to know, with many different models on the same topic covering all jobs that the student may want to obtain in the future such as doctor, lawyer, pilot, doctor, teacher, lawyer, singer, police officer, successful businesswoman.

The objectives that the student will benefit from through the topic of my aim in life essay.

The objectives of the essay that the teacher must see in the essay and that the student must learn.

1- That a person is active in life and has value

2- Loss of purpose, lack of will.

3- Losing ambition means losing life. A person without ambition is a person without life.

4- Never give up

5- Individual ambition

6- Social ambition

7- The ability to learn new skills

8- Lack of fear and self-confidence

9- Change the way of thinking.

10- Surrounding a person with ambitious people

11- Celebrating achievements and failures

12 – The ability to face reality.

Through all the previously mentioned points, we will build several different models to show our awareness of these points, by merging them in some sentences so that the article becomes strong and shows the extent of the effort the student has made in searching for the dimensions of the subject.

Each previous point will be integrated into the upcoming forms and shaded with a color similar to the important points that must be shown in the article so that you understand how to build the article.



My aim in life essay

My goal in life is to become a person of value to society, a person whose abilities can be relied upon, and to become one of the effective personalities that help its society in building and progressing, and to have great energy and ability to develop, so that I can progress and excel continuously.

Undoubtedly, there are many people who do not have a goal or a destination that they seek to reach, and these I liken them to a ship that has no destination, which does not reach anywhere.

Unlike people with will and goals, they can accomplish many things in their lives, and these achievements are very suitable for them.

For a long time, I had many ideas, such as what is the purpose of life, and other similar thoughts, but I was able to identify the problem that I do not have a specific goal until I have ambition to achieve it, so I should have known well what my goal is, and what is an effective personality of value in the society I want to be like.

Until I was able to reach that the doctor is one of the influential personalities, especially if he works in an important and sensitive specialty that helps others to live their lives normally, without suffering or pain.

In order for me to reach this goal, I must stick to my dream no matter what obstacles I face, and I must prepare myself well to excel in study until I reach this goal.

I know very well that this goal is different from other goals that do not require effort and dedication since childhood, and that I will face many obstacles in improving and developing myself in study.

The wonderful thing about this job is that it brings you a good reputation and great fame whenever you apply for it, and you have a lot of people who trust you, and they know your  experience, which makes them leave you the judgment in diagnosis and treatment with confidence.

There is the social aspect, that the character of the doctor is loved by everyone, children or adults, as he represents one of the respected personalities in society who imposes himself on everyone, and obtains everyone’s love, which gives the person a good aura, and great approval for his role in society.

It also contains many skills that the doctor learns from his graduation until his last working day in this profession, so it is very interesting for me, because it does not have a specific or known ceiling in learning, treatment and creativity.

Therefore, it represents a great challenge for me, and this is one of the qualities that I love in myself, the challenge and not being afraid of the unknown, in addition to my love for development and progress, especially the improvement of the tools, inventions, or treatment methods available to me.

It is also one of the jobs that a person can gain many ideas through his work environment, get to know many different nationalities, meet people with a high level of intellectual progress, and can gain many useful points from them.

It is also a wonderful environment to work, where there are many superior people, who are always striving to progress and reach the best possible result, which creates a competitive atmosphere always, and there is always an incentive to research, progress, learn and use the latest and best methods.

Although it is a wonderful job and has a lot of achievements to be proud of, but it includes a lot of risks and a lot of failure that a person will face.

I realize how difficult it is, but I see a wonderful side to it, which is facing reality and accepting it. The doctor gives his best, and he seeks to treat the patient or provide the best possible result, and until he can do this, he will face some failures and obstacles that he will learn from and make him strong so that he can continue and work without getting bored.



With the same previous thought, short articles can be built, and this is what you will find  in the upcoming models, which will include some of the article’s strengths while merging them into easy phrases to suit all educational stages to make the topic easy.



Dear student, a basic form was submitted for the topic on my aim in life essay, In addition to many other models such as, ambition, on my aim in life, on my aim in life to become a lawyer, my future ambition is to be a doctor, on my aim in life to become a singer, on my aim in life to become a soldier, on my aim in life to become a pilot, short paragraph.

If you prefer to add any other topic, you can contact us through the comments of this article and we will study your request and add it as soon as possible.



my ambition short essay

I am an ambitious person, I have future dreams that I want to achieve, I am now in high school, and I aspire to succeed with distinction and join the College of Engineering. I do not want to be an ordinary engineer, I want to be an inventor.

I try to read a lot about modern inventions and their usefulness to humans, and I also participate in the school’s scientific group. Physics teacher helps us invent some simple devices.

Determining my goal in life will make me choose the appropriate study for me, and I am also trying to learn skills related to this goal. I appreciate scientists and inventors, they make our lives better, and I hope to be one of them one day.



short essay on my aim in life 

It is important to define our goal in life because this will save us a lot of time and effort, and make us reach what we want quickly.

In most cases, there should be someone to help us determine the goal and determine the easiest way to achieve this goal, because those who are older than us are more experienced than us, and we must benefit from their expertise and experience.

Also, having a role model for us is one of the most important things that light the way for us. Therefore, my goal in life is to be a doctor like my father, as he is my role model and I learn a lot from him, and I will benefit from his practical experiences, so that I can excel in my work and provide the best service to patients.

The profession of the doctor needs to study on an ongoing basis and to be informed of everything that is new in the medical field, because all this leads to the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and thus the provision of appropriate treatment.



Short essay on my aim in life to become a lawyer

There is no doubt that the profession of a lawyer is a great profession, as he always seeks to show the truth and defend the oppressed.

Working in the legal profession requires acumen, intelligence and awareness of human nature. As well as knowing the applicable laws in the state, because the laws differ from one state to another. Sometimes the laws differ from one state to another in the same country.

I want to be a famous lawyer. Therefore, I study seriously in addition to trying to be a social person, because the social person gets to know many people’s problems and how to solve them, and this gives the person a societal culture and makes him more understanding of people’s issues.



My aim in life short paragraph

My goal in life is to be a famous football player. I am a member of the school football team, and my school always takes first place in competitions. I am also a member of a small club football team. I aspire to move to a big club and play with the club’s first team. This will give me a great opportunity to participate in international matches and be a famous player. So I try to be unique. I train a lot, keep fit, and obey my coach’s orders. I also cooperate with my colleagues on the field, that the game of football requires skill and training together.



My future ambition is to be a doctor short essay

I aspire to be a doctor in the future. This profession is a great humanitarian profession. In addition, the doctor has a high social position in all societies.

I work hard in my studies to be a good doctor. I also benefit from the experiences of others, as my older brother is a doctor, and this will facilitate my understanding of medical sciences.

I am also keen to read modern medical research and know everything that is new in the medical field.

It is important to define our goal and to benefit from the experiences and practical experiences of others, because this saves us time and effort.



My future ambition short essay

I aspire to be a professional chef in the future. This profession has become important and required, and the salary of a chef is higher than many other professions. This is because many people have become dependent on eating ready-made meals prepared by restaurants.

Food preparation requires skill, training and innovation as well. Therefore, I am studying in the culinary department at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, and I am also training in a restaurant in my town. Study and practical training  give me a lot of experience that qualifies me to be a professional chef in the future.

The study also allows me to learn about different types of world-famous dishes.



short essay on my aim in life to become a singer

Since my childhood, I have been fond of singing. When I was a little girl at the age of four, I used to sing some songs without understanding the meaning of the words. My family encouraged me a lot and praised me.

Then I joined the Music Institute in order to learn music and train on one of the musical instruments, but singing is my favorite hobby, and music is a way to improve my singing performance.

I participate in and win all singing competitions, and sing at school and university concerts.

Plus, I sing at my friends’ birthday parties. All my friends encourage me to sing, so I hope to be a famous singer in the future.



Studymode short essay on my aim in life to become a doctor

It is important to define our goal in life and sometimes there is a situation that makes us set this goal and never give up. This is what happened to me, during the Corona pandemic, my mother became seriously ill, and she was taken to the hospital.

In the hospital, I saw the intensive care that my mother received from the doctors and nurses, they did their best to save her. I was grateful to them and I can only find words of thanks to express my feelings of gratitude to them.

At that time, I decided to be a doctor in the future, and to help people heal. The doctor’s profession is a great humanitarian profession.



Short essay on my aim in life to become a soldier

My goal in life is to be a soldier. The work of a soldier is great and no country can do without it, because the soldier provides us with security. Security is considered the most important thing in our lives. Without security and safety, we will not be reassured about our lives and the lives of our family.

Likewise, without security, there will be no economic projects and nations will not progress.

From this it becomes clear the importance of the role of soldiers in protecting and defending the homeland, and the importance of having a strong army.

Soldiers play a key role in preserving the homeland, and they sacrifice their lives for us to live in peace.

That is why I value soldiers and want to be a loyal soldier to my country in the future.



Short essay on my aim in life to become a pilot

I love to travel a lot, and I have tried all the different means of transportation in my trips, but I prefer flying more, because it is characterized by speed and comfort.

On one of my flights, the plane ran into a problem, but the pilot reassured the passengers and did not make them feel afraid or anxious.

The pilot acted calmly, resolved the issue, and kept the passengers safe and secure. I admired the rational behavior of the pilot, he took full responsibility and did not intimidate the passengers, he is a true hero, he saved the lives of all the passengers.

On that day, I decided that my goal in life was to be a pilot, because this job needed an intelligent and non-emotional person to be able to take responsibility.



My ambition in life short essay

It is important to choose the work you want to do in the future in order to prepare yourself well for it. In the future, I want to work as a programmer, so I study various computer sciences, especially programming.

Determining our ambition in life helps us save time and effort. I think that the programmer’s job will be the most important job in the current era, especially the more we turn to using technology in all fields.

Programming has become important in all areas of life. They are necessary for all industries, for example, modern toys depend on programming, and missiles and military equipment depend on programming.



Short paragraph on my ambition in life

My ambition in life is to be a scientist, especially in the agricultural field. Agriculture is the most important thing in our life, as it provides us with the food we need. Its importance appeared during the Russian-Ukrainian war, only the supplies of wheat and corn decreased in some countries that were importing these grains. That is why I prefer in the future to be a scientist in the field of agriculture so that I can help my country in self-sufficiency, especially in foodstuffs. The role of scientists is great, as they are working to improve and increase production, and thus help their country to be self-sufficient in food, and not to import grain, dairy, and others.




My ambition short essay in english

My ambition is to be a teacher, for the teacher’s profession is great, as he is the one who educates and teaches and is responsible for preparing future generations.


Therefore, countries that are concerned with education and preparing the teacher well are distinguished in all fields.

When the teacher is good, we will find a good doctor, a good engineer, a good pilot, and so on in all jobs.


This is because the teacher is a role model for his students. It is what gives us good behavior and contributes greatly to the formation of our personality, in addition to providing us with information and knowledge.


Therefore, the role of the teacher is important and complementary to the role of the family. Therefore, I am studying seriously in order to be a useful teacher for my country.



Short note on my aim in life

It is important that we define our goals in life.

Setting goals saves time and effort.

Using the experiences of others helps us a lot to succeed, especially if they have the same goals in life.

Benefiting from past experiences makes the path to achieving our goal easier and faster.

We must focus on achieving our goal without being preoccupied with other things that may waste our time and effort in vain.

Our goal must be clear and of value in society, and we must adhere to achieving it no matter what problems we encounter.



My ambition short paragraph

I aspire in the future to be an engineer, it is a prestigious job and achieves a high income. It is also an important function for the progress of society. Therefore, I study my lessons seriously and hope to excel in my studies, and my goal is to study at the Faculty of Engineering. There are many departments in the College of Engineering, and they are all important, but I want to study in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This is because this section will allow me to be innovative. It is important to work in a job that makes us invent or invent new machines, I don’t like routine jobs. I would love to be a good engineer and help advance my country.



Dear student, a basic form was submitted for the topic on My aim in life essay, In addition to many other models such as, my ambition short essay, short essay on my aim in life, short essay on my aim in life to become a lawyer, My aim in life short paragraph.

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