My last summer holiday essay
My last summer holiday essay

My last summer holiday essay 19 models

My last summer holiday essay ,If you want to talk about your holiday at home, you can use the first topic, and if you want to talk about spending your holiday abroad, you can use the second topic. You’ll find it in My last summer holiday essay.

My last summer holiday essay

Everyone waits summer vacation to spend time to rest and enjoy after studying or work and you will find here ideas for the holiday in My last summer holiday essay in English.


 Summer vacation

Everyone is waiting for the summer vacation and taking a rest after a long year of study or work, but many people are wondering how they will spend their summer holidays whether at home or traveling abroad.


To facilitate this, we will give you a variety of ideas to spend the summer vacation either at home or anywhere else.

Spend the summer break at home  


Spend useful and enjoyable time on the Internet: Browse useful and useful sites to suit your hobbies and desires, such as reading e-books or browsing cooking sites or social networking sites.

Reading books: You can create a convenient and convenient place to spend time reading your favorite books.


Your hobbies: Everyone complains that there is not enough time to practice hobbies such as sports, walking, mountain climbing, swimming or even camping, so take advantage of the summer vacation to practice your favorite hobby, but some people may tell you that I do not have hobbies and I do not know what is The thing that fascinates me, in this case you should try different things like photography, writing or even learning a new language.

Spending time with the family There is no doubt that one of the most important things for a worker or student is to spend time with family and friends.

Family gatherings are one of the most important times a person can spend.

Various activities: Exercise, shopping, or even cleaning the house can improve your overall mood and give you psychological comfort.

So if you want to talk about spending your holiday at home, you can take the first topic, but if you want to talk about spending your holiday abroad, you can take the following topic:

Everyone is waiting for the summer vacation and taking a rest after a long year of study or work, but many people are wondering how they will spend their summer holidays whether at home or traveling abroad. To facilitate this, we will give you a variety of ideas to spend the summer vacation either at home or anywhere else.

Travel on summer vacation

 Budgeting: Providing enough money to cover travel expenses is something that you should think about in advance and determine where you are going to go, so you do not face any problems.

Pre-booking: If you want to spend your summer vacation outside the house, you must reserve your accommodation in advance, as most hotels are booked and you may not find for you or for your family the right place to spend this holiday.

Choosing the right place: You should think carefully about any vacation you are trying to spend. For example, if you are vacationing with family and children, you should choose places where there are children’s facilities and a family-friendly facility to make sure that everyone in the family has a good time.

Luggage arrangement: Many people overpay their things with things they will never use on the trip and may have to pay extra for the airport and also can not buy gifts and souvenirs from the area you visit.

My last summer holiday essay

My last summer vacation was very interesting, due to several reasons, the most important of which is that I was able to join my favorite sport, which is (……).

This was not the first vacation that I tried to join a club and be part of a team, so I had many previous attempts,
but I kept trying to raise my fitness level so that I could achieve my goal, and this holiday I was able to do so.

It is wonderful to reap the fruits of your efforts with the result you wanted to get. I can’t describe the amount of time I have devoted to training, or to a regular diet so that I can build strong muscle mass and increase my physical fitness. I am very eager to participate in official matches and appear in front of family and friends.

Of course, this vacation was not without fun either. So, after spending my training times, I would go out regularly to the beach with my friends, swim, relax and dance. And trying some new experiences on me. So I was able to divide my time and create a schedule where I could train, rest and have fun.


My last summer holiday

My last summer vacation I was able to spend some useful activities like running a marathon in our town every summer of the year. Everyone shares it. Dedicated to all townspeople. It aims at the importance of sport to society and the individual.

I really liked my subscription to it this year. There was a challenge between me and my friends over who could win.
Although we couldn’t complete it completely, we were happy to run a few miles  and maybe in the coming years we can win first place.

I also participated in a sports activity last holiday. Karate, which is one of the most famous martial arts sports. I loved a lot to join it to learn some defensive skills, which might benefits me in the future in defending myself.

I loved this sport because it brings out all the negative energy in my body and helps me to raise my physical fitness.
I hope in the future to participate in tournaments at school and get some prizes, that would be very nice.


Last summer holiday

Last summer I went on a camping trip in the woods, we were ten people, it was a really fun vacation and I learned a lot like self-reliance, I was cooking by myself, using some tree branches that my friend collected, as we divided the work, one of us collects branches The trees, the second cooks food, the third washes the dishes, the fourth cleans the place, and the rest have to hunt some animals such as rabbits, or catch fish. And in the evening we sit around the fire singing and tell about the strange events that happened to us.


Paragraph about last Summer Holiday

Last summer I went to the village, I love the calm and I like to watch the beautiful landscapes. In the village we can enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful scenery. I used to get up early and watch the sunrise, a sight that I cannot see in my city, where the tall buildings. I also watch the birds above the trees, and they make beautiful sounds in preparation for flying to search for food.

Of course there is the experience of doing some handicrafts as well. I helped my relatives to work in one of the farms they own, which is dedicated to raising chickens. My job was to feed them and monitor the room temperature. That made me feel more responsible.

It made me appreciate the life I live and how my father provides us with all comfort means. Through this experience, I was able to feel that other people of my age suffer from a great lack of all the requirements of life.

So I find the last vacation wonderful and I was able to benefit a lot from it and learn some new things.


Write a paragraph about your last summer holidays

I really liked the last summer vacation, during which I was able to participate in several new activities and hobbies, such as swimming and driving mini-racing cars.

I also learned some new skills such as making fire from different tools, through friction. I also learned some survival skills like catching small wild animals, or catching fish from the river and making traps for them.

Last summer vacation was filled with many experiences. I learned from other people and am now ready to teach my younger brother some of these skills and habits.

I will be very happy if this experience is repeated again.


My last summer vacation

My last summer vacation was very special because I was able to benefit from it more than any other vacation. Where I was able to volunteer in the Greenpeace organization to protect the environment. It is a non-governmental, compliant association of forty countries, with four million members in Europe, South and North America. It is concerned with protecting the seas and forests and preserving natural resources.

I really enjoyed the volunteer activities I did during my last summer vacation. Perhaps it is just simple works such as maintaining the cleanliness of the road and the city, and posting instructions to the people on how to preserve the forests and seas, but I felt that I was doing something beneficial to society and the whole universe.

It is good to do useful activities, not only think about ourselves, rather, the goal is to benefit all of humanity. That will certainly preserve us as well and bring benefit to us.


My last summer vacation essay

I live in the city of (type the city name here). I love it so much and I love to walk around and participate in the many activities that the city offers.

I really like learning to fish and go out fishing in the ocean. I always go on public holidays. I am in the class (write your class here). I look forward to the summer holidays every year to go fishing, enjoy the beach and swim.

Last summer I caught a lot of mackerel. I was very happy with that but I loved the new ways I learned and also the patience, planning and development I learned from fishing.

So I am happy about the last summer vacation and I love to learn new hobbies in the next vacation.


Last Summer Holiday Paragraph

There is no doubt that every one waits the summer vacation to rest a little and practice many of the activities that we prefer to rest and breathe a little from the continuous effort of study,

I can say that I enjoyed a lot in the last vacation with some sports activities, as I was able to participate in several sports with friends such as walking, tennis and swimming.

I had a lot of fun releasing the trapped energy inside me and relaxing, which helped me get back to studying with energy and energy.


My last summer vacation paragraph

This past summer vacation was really great and I was very happy to make new friends. I found that the coincidence that brought me together with my friend (type the name of a person) is very wonderful.

I feel that there is an understanding between us and that we think in the same way and we have common interests.
I never felt that someone understood me and listened to me like him before.

So it is great to meet our soul mate and be friends with him. It makes me very happy and I feel that this holiday I was able to achieve something wonderful for me.


Last Holiday Essay

I was very happy with the last vacation, where we went to a tourist country called (type the name of the country).
By traveling by plane, the travel took (type the number of hours).

Upon arrival, I was very excited to get to the hotel, change my clothes, and go out for a walk. We arrived at 6pm so I have a few hours to enjoy. So my sister and I went out to see the markets and streets near the hotel.

The first area we went to was (type the name of an area). The first thing we saw in front of us was a fast food area in a modern and sophisticated style. We liked this very much and wish there was a similar one in my city.

After that, we got acquainted with some people who come for tourism as well, like us, and they advised us to have a local drink in one of the cafes. We went there and ordered it, it calls Fakhfakhina.

The name may be strange, but it is very tasty and we liked it. Then we returned to the hotel to rest until we go out in the itinerary.

In the morning we woke up to ride the bus and go to some archaeological and tourist places. I enjoyed this experience a lot. Where you got acquainted with a civilization of (type the name of the country) and its history.

Then the next day we went to the beach. I liked very much the shape of the beach, the cleanliness of the sea, the organization of tables, and the fresh drinks that give activity and vitality. I really liked this atmosphere and we spent three days of our trip on the beach.

After that we went to the markets to buy some presents and take some pictures of the markets. I found many brands beside some beautiful local industries. We bought some local clothes and pieces, we still keep it and remember by seeing it this experience and journey.


My last summer holidays

On my last vacation, I took part in a hobby that I love very much, which is drawing. I joined the drawing center,
I have had a hobby since I was young, but I did not seek to develop and master it except during my last summer vacation.

So I went to a specialized center for learning, and I spent all my time, whether in learning and training, or watching after lessons through the Internet.

I can say that I benefited a lot from my last summer vacation because I learned a lot from it and I am definitely no longer a beginner like the past years. It will be easy in the upcoming summer holidays to learn more easily and conveniently.

I am so excited for the upcoming vacation and going to learn modern painting methods.


Last summer holiday essay

Last summer vacation was absolutely wonderful, as I enjoyed a lot as I got to know my family more and we could play together all the time.

When you are sure that there is no alternative and accept the reality, you will find yourself happy and no matter where you are or with whom, the most important thing is that they love you and see you a special.

During the last summer vacation, all the countries experienced a global epidemic, which required not to leave the homes. The epidemic was very dangerous and caused death, and spread rapidly, so everyone was afraid for himself and his family from infection, or transmitting the infection to them.

So last summer, I didn’t do many activities, but I enjoyed the traditional games with my family members. I found that we are having a nice time, I found myself relieving them and joking a lot and showing them some things that I learned from my friends so that they do not get bored of the house and decide to go out. The same thing happened to all of my family. Everyone tried to make the atmosphere happy and simple.

So although it was a difficult holiday for many people who were injured or someone of their family was injured, it was good for me and my family.


My last summer holiday text

It is great that we were able to go out a little and have a picnic during this holiday. After the Corona pandemic that affected the world in the past two years, there was no longer any kind of activities, so the last summer vacation may be the most valuable, because when we lose something from the life we ​​used to live, only then we appreciate it and know how much grace we were living with

So on this summer vacation even though we couldn’t do many activities but some simple things made us happy and made us feel that we still have freedom in life, and we are not so restricted as we felt in the past two years.

I enjoyed going out to the shops with my family members and shopping, and meeting some of my friends, and strolling on the beach, and I was very happy to return to some of the activities I used to do, such as the gym and restaurants.

It is wonderful to appreciate and enjoy life without fear and anxiety about something dangerous that may happen to you. I hope this crisis will pass and we will return to normal life.



Write a short paragraph about your last summer holiday

It is great to spend some quality time with family and friends. I really enjoyed spending my last summer vacation with my family.

I live in the city of (type the name of the city)I have two sisters, my father and mother work in the field of education, so the summer vacation is for all of us.

We gather to relax and spend some nice time on the beaches or take a stroll in the famous parks and streets. I enjoyed my last vacation a lot because I was able to get off on one of the fishing boats with my father. This is my first experience and it was really exciting, we were able to catch some famous types of fish, including tuna.

I felt great enthusiasm and a high flow of adrenaline, when I managed to get it out of the water and saw it in front of me, I felt a victory, which made me love this hobby and want to go back to fishing again as soon as possible.

Therefore, I describe this summer vacation as being very special and wonderful and with amazing things for the first time I do.



Writing about last summer holiday

Last summer was absolutely wonderful. I was able to get acquainted with a friend who I find very wonderful. I am very happy to be there and talk to her. We go to several places together, we met in the club.

Also, last summer, I was able to join the football team in my city, train with them, and maybe if I worked hard enough, I would move to the main team.

I also gained confidence in myself in the face of others, became more understanding, more proficient in persuasion and public speaking, and learned some new skills.

I also started to learn a new language, I am currently trying to learn the Italian language, I find it very attractive, I am trying to impress my friends with some famous romantic sentences in the Italian language.

They laugh a lot because of what I tell them, and they find it great, so I find that last summer vacation was great and everything is going well.



Write about your last summer holiday

In fact, I was not able to go out and participate in any activities last year, due to the mutation of the Corona virus, and the emergence of new forms of it that infected many and spread in my city, so I stayed at home most of the time to prevent and protect my family from this dangerous disease.

I did some individual sports from time to time in the early morning, and quickly came home. I also participated online in some language courses, trying to take advantage of my spare time.

I hope in the future that the summer holidays will be better and there are no dangers surrounding us , so that we can release the trapped energy inside us, and learn some new activities and hobbies, or some crafts that we learn if we work in the summer vacation.



My last holiday essay 150 words

My last vacation was absolutely wonderful because my dad was with us for longer time. In the recent period, many companies and labor offices have reduced working hours to half, and reduced the number of workers in offices, which helped my father to be among us for a longer time, and we became involved in many sports activities and hobbies that we both love, such as fishing and playing soccer.

We went a lot last summer vacation to fish and play soccer and practice some moves. I had so much fun because I learned some new fishing methods from my father, the ties that helped me not to lose big fish and how to deal with them. I found the whole vacation wonderful.

I was able to go out with my father and many of my friends, and I enjoyed a lot by joining some of the free voluntary associations that aim to preserve the environment and reduce pollution.

I attended some campaigns in which we go to areas that need intervention and attention so that the people who live in them stop throwing garbage in them, and spread some tips and volunteer to improve and clean the place until this bad habit stops.




Write a paragraph about your last summer holiday

My last summer vacation was very wonderful, I am one of the girls who loves to sit at home, and in light of the disease that is spreading now, I found myself sitting more than usual because of my safety and the safety of those around me.

I love going into the kitchen and learning some new recipes. I find myself in the kitchen and I feel happy when I prepare a meal and I hope everyone likes it, and they ask me for it again.

I love watching cooking movies, especially fantasy movies, in which the chef uses magic, and prepares imaginary meals. I like so much to imagine myself preparing amazing meals that will amaze everyone, I hope in the future when I grow up to learn in a dedicated school, become a famous chef and people from all over the world come to watch me.

Currently, I am content with learning from the Internet and television, and trying to present the recipes as they prepare them. In the future when I have the possibility to try adding new ideas for food development, I will definitely.

This is how I spent my last summer vacation, at home and watching cooking programmes. I hope in the next year normal life returns and I can go out and practice some activities and hobbies.

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