Essay on doctor for school
Essay on doctor for school

Essay on doctor for school

Essay on doctor for school , contains many information about the function of the doctor and its importance in our lives and all that information about the doctor’s job will be here in an essay on doctor for school .

Essay on doctor for school

The function of the doctor is a sublime function. he takes care of  patients and relieve their aches and heal the pain . And all that we will know about the importance of the doctor here in an essay on doctor for school in English

The doctor

The profession of medicine is considered one of the most honorable professions. People have known medicine and doctors since ancient times.

In Greece, Dr. Hippocrates, who is considered the father of doctors and medicine father, he is the doctor who took care of this profession where he wrote books.

He is also famous for his swear, which is said by each doctor before practicing medicine, and this swear is called Hippocrates swear.

In the Arab and Islamic civilization, an Arab doctor named Harith bin Kalda al-Thaqafi was famous for being a skilled doctor in his knowledge.

He was the most famous physician before Islam, He realized the age of Islam and the mission and he became Muslim.

The doctor is the person capable of diagnosing diseases and treating them, a person who is able to alleviate the pain of people and their pain in his ability to identify the disease and the appropriate treatment for it, no doubt that this is important for people because of what diseases caused them from suffering and pain.

As well as their inability to carry out their work and the duties of their lives properly because of the effects of the disease on human health and fatness, which disrupts their lives and hinders their progress.

The doctor is a sincere person with the people who deal with them, who is honest with his patients does not cheat them or lie to them, and tell them wisely what they suffer without intimidation to them and their families.

He is also honest in his work, does not cheat his patients and do not betray their confidence,  besides, he is honest about their secrets, so he does not disclose their news, and he does not tell people what others are suffering from.

He is also a person who possesses a sense of humor , thus removing the manifestations of sadness, fear and anxiety about his patients with his kind words and compassionate feelings.

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