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Essay on doctor for class 8
Essay on doctor for class 8

Essay on doctor for class 8

Essay on doctor for class 8 ,contains many information about the doctor’s career and its importance and all the details and ethics that must be given by the doctor, you will find all this here in  an essay on doctor for class 8.

Essay on doctor for class 8

A doctor’s profession is one of the most important professions in every society. He is responsible for relieving the pain  of the people.  We will talk about all of this here in an essay on doctor for class 8 in English.

The doctor

A doctor’s career is the job associated with providing medical treatment to patients suffering from injuries and diseases, including the description of traditional therapies.

Also the provision of primary health care, or specialization in a particular field of medicine such as pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, Etc. 

The profession of a physician depends on diagnosing the patient’s health conditions through the use of a set of tests, and then obtaining the results in order to describe the appropriate treatments for the patient, which contributes to the reduction of the impact of the injury or disease.The doctor must have extensive knowledge in the field of medicine.

Every physician should have a set of professional ethics and special careers in the medical profession. The most important of these ethics is: Wisdom which is the ability of the doctor to think carefully about the use of the appropriate expression.

A wise doctor can recognize the symptoms of the disease affecting the patient , depending on the examination in a suitable manner, and then uses the correct expressions to explain the nature of the disease of the patient, without diluting it or make him feel fear or despair, which may affect negatively and increase the impact of disease.

Also patience is important: The doctor is with patients at all times;  As it is his duty to deal with them in various cases of illness.

Some of them suffer from severe illnesses, including those with diseases that were not within their expectations; it is therefore the duties of the doctor and his morals to prepare for all types of patients, and to bear their anger and emotion, and provide appropriate excuses for them.

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