Essay on doctor for class 8
Essay on doctor for class 8

Essay on doctor for class 8

Essay on doctor for class 8 ,contains many information about the doctor’s career and its importance and all the details and ethics that must be given by the doctor, you will find all this here in  an essay on doctor for class 8.

Essay on doctor for class 8

A doctor’s profession is one of the most important professions in every society. He is responsible for relieving the pain  of the people.  We will talk about all of this here in an essay on doctor for class 8 in English.

The doctor

A doctor’s career is the job associated with providing medical treatment to patients suffering from injuries and diseases, including the description of traditional therapies.

Also the provision of primary health care, or specialization in a particular field of medicine such as pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, Etc. 

The profession of a physician depends on diagnosing the patient’s health conditions through the use of a set of tests, and then obtaining the results in order to describe the appropriate treatments for the patient, which contributes to the reduction of the impact of the injury or disease.The doctor must have extensive knowledge in the field of medicine.

Every physician should have a set of professional ethics and special careers in the medical profession. The most important of these ethics is: Wisdom which is the ability of the doctor to think carefully about the use of the appropriate expression.

A wise doctor can recognize the symptoms of the disease affecting the patient , depending on the examination in a suitable manner, and then uses the correct expressions to explain the nature of the disease of the patient, without diluting it or make him feel fear or despair, which may affect negatively and increase the impact of disease.

Also patience is important: The doctor is with patients at all times;  As it is his duty to deal with them in various cases of illness.

Some of them suffer from severe illnesses, including those with diseases that were not within their expectations; it is therefore the duties of the doctor and his morals to prepare for all types of patients, and to bear their anger and emotion, and provide appropriate excuses for them.

A doctor paragraph for class 8

There is no doubt that the doctor’s job is one of the important functions that everyone likes.
The doctor for children and many adults is an angel of mercy, who works diligently to relieve pain and treat those in need of help.

We often see the doctor in voluntary associations in remote areas such as Sudan and many third world countries, struggling to perform his merciful job without any financial compensation or social benefit.

We often see them afflicted with serious diseases such as malaria, plague, and other serious diseases, yet he fights to complete his work and perform his mission, which is why we see the doctor in the form of an angel.



Doctor essay in English

It is wonderful for a person to become a doctor to help others in society and to obtain a prestigious position in which he is respected and appreciated.

And if the doctor was a human being before he was a worker in this specialty, he would have a great human impact on those around him. Spreading goodness and help is one of the contagious things that others may learn from the doctor in particular.

I also know very well that someday if I want to become a doctor, I must be diligent, persistent, and regular. And I must be a champion in perseverance because that’s how good doctors are. Willing to make many sacrifices, such as dedicating my entire life to this job. Fully  prepared to work day and night, and fully prepared to skip many meals, to meet the call of work at any time.

I must be very confident in myself and control myself, there is no way for thinking that I have made a mistake, and I must control my pride, whether when working with those who are better than me or with a team, I must work as a team and not as an individual, regardless of my experience.

I also know very well that I cannot think of earning money in this job, and if I want it to earn money, it is better for me to choose another job.

This is how I see the doctor’s life and the great responsibility that he bears and all the things that he must take into account.



Essay about doctor career

The profession of doctor represents a great challenge because of its difficulties and continuous effort to progress and learn.

A doctor is one of those people whose education never ends, no matter how old he gets. And the larger his stature became, the more he became in urgent need of more education, so that he would be up to the great responsibility that he had become.

The more the doctor advances in this profession and achieves, the more new cases with great difficulties are presented to him.

This is because of his fame and previous experience, so it requires him to constantly progress in his field, and to strive and continuous fatigue until he is able and ready to face any rare or difficult situation.

There is also the human aspect, which is compassion and kindness to the sick. In this profession, the more the doctor grows, the more humble he becomes, and he possesses a great deal of mercy and kindness in his heart, because of the difficult cases he witnessed and the severe pain he is going through around him, which requires him to work on treating their pain and alleviating and pacifying this pain.

Therefore, the doctor has a respected place in any society, in any place and in any environment. The doctor remains appreciated and respected, and he gains the satisfaction and love of everyone.


Essay on doctor profession in English

The doctor’s profession is one of the professions that has a lot of work that does not end, and that the doctor must sacrifice many things, such as spending long time with his family members, stopping studies, and other things that the doctor cannot do because of his job and respect for himself and his image within the community.

Therefore, the doctor must remain in continuous progress and work hard to improve his abilities and to study many modern medical cases and topics that occur in order to become in line with the best treatments around the world, and the best medicine that can be provided to the patient, and what treatments have been proven it is harmful and not helpful.

All of these things require the doctor to double fatigue for any other job, and ask him to spare time and effort for it after a full working day.

Despite all these difficulties, he must remain merciful and of good character, control his feelings of patients, be considerate of what they are going through, and accept their criticism and nervousness if they are in a bad psychological state because of the pain.

No matter how much pressure and difficulties he is exposed to, he must maintain his calm appearance and a merciful and compassionate personality.

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