Doctor essay in English
Doctor essay in English

Doctor essay in English

Doctor essay in English , contains a lot of information about the the most important profession which is the doctor job, and all that information you will find here in doctor essay in English.

Doctor essay in English

The doctor’s profession is one of the highest human professions. It deals with pain and replaces it with hope and works hard to heal the aches. Here we will learn about the history of the profession and its importance and the first one who started it. All of this will be found here in doctor essay in English.

Since the emergence of man and his attempts to adapt in the different environments in which he experienced exposure to disease and attenuation, as a result of several environmental factors.

So man was looking for ways to help to avoid those pains, and restore his former strength and activity.  Women had a big role in that, she was known as the first physician by instinct.

Where she played this role in the interest of her family of those diseases, She used herbs and plants to make the treatment, and she succeeded in doing so.

She was the inspiration for some people who studied the effect of these plants in the treatment of certain diseases. These were the beginnings of the medical profession.

The medical profession has evolved with the evolution of time, the evolution of the disease, and its causes. This has created people who have taken responsibility for understanding the origin of these diseases and trying to treat them with understanding and treatment.

Most of them have succeeded in setting the medical profession, as did the Pharaonic doctor Imhotep, he was able to diagnose and treat many chronic and intractable diseases through anatomy and diagnosis. His medical approach became a reference for many doctors who came after him.

The medical profession has spread through the movement of man from place to place in search of knowledge. And  there are a number of Arab scientists who have made a deep impression in the history of contemporary medicine.

Such as Ibn Sina, who discovered the small blood circulation, and wrote more than twenty books in the nature of diseases, causes and treatment, which is still now taught in all universities of the world, and Jaber Ibn Hayyan, Al-Razi, Ibn Bitar al-Andalusi, Ibn al-Haitham and others.

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