Short essay on doctor
Short essay on doctor

Short essay on doctor

Short essay on doctor , contains many information about the doctor’s job and the certificates he must obtain, as well as the most important ethics that must be found in the doctor. All of this will be found here in short essay on doctor.

Short essay on doctor

The doctor’s job is one of the most important professions that can not be dispensed with for its importance in every society. He is responsible for treating people from diseases and protect them from potential epidemics. We will know here the most important qualities that should be available in the doctor here in short essay on doctor

In order for an individual to study medicine to become a doctor, he must fulfill a set of educational requirements such as:  Obtaining a formal and approved certificate in medicine from a medical college.

Obtain medical accreditation from the Council or the body responsible for medical studies and medical education. Pass the comprehensive medical examination to obtain the required medical licenses.

Issuing the board certificate approved for the accreditation of the medical specialty of the doctor, after obtaining training for a specific period of time.

Every doctor should have a set of professional ethics in the medical profession. The most important of these ethics are: 

Mercy: is one of the human ethical qualities that a physician should have. When applying treatment to patients, it is important to use the best means to treat the disease and relieve the pain on the patient.

Calm: It is the delay in the diagnosis of the condition, and not rush to issue a verdict on the patient or the nature of the disease. The tension that affects the doctor during his work may lead to a sense of fear.

The doctor should transmit medical news to the patient calmly, taking care to bear Full responsibility towards patients.

Honesty: is one of the most important ethics that a physician should have. It is not just about informing patients about the nature of their illnesses; it is about the doctor’s ability to diagnose and treat the disease. Be more able to provide appropriate treatment for him.

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