Wedding traditions around the world
Wedding traditions around the world

Wedding traditions around the world

Wedding traditions around the world , contains many and many customs and traditions that are followed by many regions in the world, which are characterized by strange and different from what many of us used to. All of this will be found here in Wedding traditions around the world.

Wedding traditions around the world

Every country in the world has different customs and traditions. The most thing in which you can find a great difference from region to another are the customs and traditions of marriage, you will find that they vary and multiply within the same country and here we will give you many traditions and customs of marriage around the world. All here in Wedding traditions around the world.

Wedding traditions

The customs and traditions that people follow in marriage vary according to the religion they believe in, according to the customs and traditions of the country in which they live.

In the Islamic religion there is not much cost or glamor in marriage, it depends on the acceptance and satisfaction of the parties and payment of the bride dowry whatever the amount,Then documented to prove rights to both parties.

There are strange customs of some people in the marriage ceremony, including the following:


Some areas of China follow a special tradition of marriage, where the wedding is held between the two parties without seeing each other.

If the two families agree on everything, the family of the bride prepare and decorate her with their full adornment,  They then put her in a private closed drawer and have a key and move her out of town with a few people with it.

When the groom comes, they give him the key to open the quilt and see the bride, and if he likes the bride,he takes her to his house; If he does not like her, return her to her family.

Tibet Province

The method of engagement in Tibet differs from other regions of the world,  When the groom chooses his bride, the bride’s family put her on tree ,and a number of her people carry the sticks under the tree.

If the groom wants his bride, he must penetrate all those who carry the sticks, Then he must carry her and flee, and if he can do so he is considered worthy of the confidence of her family.


In Indonesia, a bride can not touch the ground on her wedding day, especially when the time comes for her to go to her husband’s house. Her father holds her from his home to her husband’s house on his shoulders.

Greenland Island

The rural areas of Greenland have a strange habit of marriage,  On the night of the wedding, the groom goes to the bride’s house and pulls her out of her hair to bring her to the place of celebration.

Island of Java

The mice are widespread on Java Island and threatened rice crops,  So the ruler imposed new traditions on marriage for getting rid of mice, no one can obtain a marriage license unless the couple offers 25 rat tail.


The marriage in the Pacific depends on mice as in Java Island, but the difference is that the dowry here is a large number of mice, This number depends on the beauty of the bride the less beauty, the less number .

South Pacific

The customs and traditions of marriage in the South Pacific of the Ritu tribe are simple, as the bride and the groom go to the village mayor to shake their heads together and thus declare them husband and wife.

In this way, we have given you Wedding traditions around the world., and you can read more through the following link:

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