Wedding essay
Wedding essay

Wedding essay

Wedding essay ,Marriage is a sacred relationship between men and women, and this relationship must be built on a firm and strong basis, with love, understanding and interdependence, and must be understood by each other, so that marital life is a happy life free from problems that usually result from differing views , Or the inability of one part to understand the other. Through this introduction you can extract ideas that help you write a wedding essay or you can use the following topic.

Wedding essay

Marriage in the language means union of a man and a woman. It is an expression of the relationship of men to women to maintain offspring. God made it a relationship of affection and mercy to please the parties, which is acceptable frame in the laws and religions to establish sexual relations.

Marriage begins with a contract of religious or legal authority, followed by a ceremony and banquet. The principle of marriage is to continue, to remain longevity unless there is damage to one or both parties of this relationship.

Conditions of marriage differ from one society to another. Islam makes the conditions of marriage offer and acceptance, namely, the desire of both parties to be bound and the consent of the wife’s guardian, in order to protect the rights of the wife, and help her to make the right choice.

The husband must pay a dower to the wife to complete the marriage, a sum of money agreed upon by both parties.

People place many other conditions such as availability of housing, level of financial situation, educational level, social level and many other complexities as concert venue, and type of hospitality.

Age is not often considered, there are communities that promote early marriage, and another delay in marriage,there can be a significant difference between the age of both spouses.

It is recommended that marriage be done at the age at which men and women arrive at full awareness so that they can bear the responsibility, and family building.

Many governments have enacted legislation requiring special pre-nuptial health check especially Thalassemia.

Laws prevent the marriage of a man and a woman, who have the disease to avoid having children infected, which is in the interests of the couple in the first place, and to keep their children healthy.

People set multiple criteria for choosing a life partner, including beauty, money. This condition should not be overstated, despite the importance of many of these criteria. For example, it is difficult to make a family without money.

The average financial level is enough to build a family, and it is better to focus on the personality of the partner, ethics, and the manner of dealing. Money and beauty go in a moment, if God wanted, only morality remains.

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