Turkey tourism essay
Turkey tourism essay

Turkey tourism essay 11 models

Turkey tourism essay , with all the important information you are looking for to know all the scenic places in Turkey or to write an essay about tourism in Turkey . This detailed information can be used with ease  for anyone who wants to write Turkey tourism essay.

Turkey tourism essay

Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist countries in the world where tourists come from everywhere. If you want information about tourism in Turkey, you will find here important information that will help you write Turkey tourism essay.


Turkey is a source of magic and beauty, especially its picturesque landscapes, the islands that attract the attention of its visitors. It is a link between the East and the West. It is also a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. Turkey has many tourist destinations. 

Aya Sofya Museum: One of the most important tourist and historical sites in Turkey, this museum has undergone many changes throughout history. It was the first to build a central church for the Orthodox Emperors, but during the Ottoman Caliphate it became a mosque, then to a museum after the formation of the new Turkish Republic This museum contains many historical monuments of various centuries, and is available to all week except Monday, in which it closes its doors.

Yıldız Saray Palace:  Yildiz Palace is one of the world’s most famous palaces. Sultan Selim III ordered the building of this palace as a gift to his mother, Sultan Mehrezhe. During the reign of Sultan Hamid, it was a meeting place for all sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Open all week except Saturday and Sunday.

The Bosphorus  Bridge is located in the Ortakoy region. The Bosphorus Bridge is the second bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia. It occupies 16th place in terms of length, and tourists come from all over the world to see on its beauty at sunset. 

Çamlıca This hill is located in the city of Istanbul and is considered one of the finest places around the world. If it stands there, it will create a beautiful panorama around the beautiful city of Istanbul. This hill is also surrounded by binoculars that can see Turkey, The breathtaking nature of its beauty, trees, gardens, parks and roses lend its aesthetic touch to the place.

Turkey is a paradise  in the earth, because it contains many tourist places, museums, palaces, islands, beaches, bridges and landscapes that enchant the eyes of the spectators and provide all the comforts of its tourists.

Princess Islands are eight islands connected to each other and located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, the tourist travels through these eight islands by ships, yachts and small boats, and is one of the most attractive places for tourists in Turkey, the calm blue water and green trees and soft sand are most important reasons for this experience and the traveling to Turkey, and there are many amenities, recreation and accommodation that provide the tourist a chance to enjoy and relax.

Tourism Essay

Turkey at the present time is a major tourist attraction for each of the two continents surrounding it, namely Europe, Asia, as well as the various countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

Turkey is famous for its long history, from the beginning of its inception in the Stone Age and keeping pace with the Byzantine, Roman and Greek eras, until finally to our present time the Ottoman era.

Turkey has a beautiful nature, whether from the plateaus and highlands covered with trees and green herbs to the surrounding coasts such as the Mediterranean, Marmara Sea, the Black Sea, and the Aegean, making it a great tourist destination.

Modern Turkey is nowadays one of the most open countries for foreign tourism and caters to all markets, so you can find tourist, historical, religious and therapeutic areas in it. It relies entirely on tourism and the development of civilization, which helps it to attract investment.


Essay about Turkey

my name is _( .. ). I am (..) years old . I have (..) sisters. We were able to visit Turkey last summer vacation. I live in (..). This is my first trip.

I really loved visiting Turkey and taking some tours . I loved the cruises that they make and seeing the famous landmarks of Turkey from both sides of the sea.

I liked Turkish architecture very much and found it very attractive. When I listened to the guide telling us about its ancient history, I thought it was modern and surprisingly, but it was an ancient architecture.

I also liked the commercial centers, markets, and handicrafts that they offer for tourism, such as clothes or gold jewelry.

I liked Istanbul very much, and found it to be large in size, and overcrowded. Me and my siblings enjoyed walking around. I also liked very much Turkish food. Everything is good for tourism in Turkey.

It is a pity that the duration of the vacation was only 7 days. These short days are not enough to enjoy a full Turkey.
Istanbul only consumes that many days. It contains a huge number of secular tourism areas. I loved this trip so much and would like to repeat it again.


Turkey Essay

Turkey is distinguished by its location between Europe and Asia, and it is considered one of the tourist countries that attracts a large number of tourists. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea from the south, the Black Sea from the north, the Aegean Sea from the west, and the Marmara Sea from the northwest.

Therefore, it is a peninsula where surrounded It has seas from three sides, and this allowed it to have wonderful beaches, whose beauty can be enjoyed in addition to practicing various water sports, such as diving, water skiing, fishing, and practicing various recreational activities.


Essay about Turkey tourism

I watch some Turkish series, and from my observations, I find that the director depicted tourist places within the scenes of the series, so we find beautiful beaches, huge malls, amusement parks, gardens and parks.

Filming tourist places in series and movies is good propaganda, as millions of people around the world watch it, especially if the series is good.

However, Turkey is not only gaining fame through Turkish soap operas. It may be a window only to see the beauty of Turkey.

But certainly we can not forget the role of the Ottoman Caliphate. And Turkey’s role in spreading Islam in many foreign countries. And the strength of the Turkish conquests that occurred over many generations and sultans.

All of this makes me more eager to know its past history and the wonderful civilization and customs that it was before and now. And watch its famous Islamic landmarks, such as the mosques that were built on the finest and most wonderful Islamic building witnessed in history.


Descriptive essay about Turkey

Turkey is one of the wonderful cities that depends heavily on trade. It has many good features. We also find some bad points.

During my visit to Turkey last year, I was able to enjoy a lot of tourism and stay for two whole months. I have been able to visit many tourist areas and beautiful beaches.

Through my experience, I found some strange differences, such as the prices are very expensive in small areas far from the capital, and the accommodation prices are very different.

I also had the experience of buying groceries, or taking a taxi. I have learned that I must always recount  the money after purchase because I find it strangely less than it should be.

I also tried to work besides the residence. I was very surprised by their strictness in requesting the worker from the same country. They prefer to provide work for local youth only.

But anything else like enjoying and walking around is very excellent and it was a great experience that I would like to repeat again.


Short paragraph about Turkey

Turkey is famous for its nature and life open to freedom, which attracts many people. Turkey is famous for its unique geographical location.

The most beautiful thing that distinguishes Turkey is that it contains different climates and geographical nature,
as it contains many imaginary scenes such as seas and mountains.

Tourism is one of the most important things that Turkey is interested in. We can see how they benefit from any landscape they have as they allocate cafes with beautiful shapes and take out trips for tourists to watch them and sit in cafes, drink and eat their famous delicious meals.


Paragraph about Turkey

I really loved spending my last summer vacation in Turkey. I found it very wonderful, easy to live, and affordable prices.

I enjoy spending the summer vacation a lot with my family and I in Istanbul, and I found it easy to deal because it is an Islamic country similar to all Arab countries. Its people are friendly and welcoming of newcomers.

I liked the landscape and the beaches a lot, they have amazing views that enchant the mind. I enjoyed my visit very much and would like to come back again in the future.


I want to visit Turkey essay

Turkey is famous for the famous Ottoman disputes that we study and follow in many Turkish series that are broadcast on television, which makes me very excited to visit it and see the amazing tourist attractions that come in Turkish films and series.

I like very much the large mosques that are designed in a distinctive Islamic way, I would like to visit and pray in them and enjoy seeing the unique architecture that has succeeded over centuries.

I also like very much the famous simple neighborhoods in which the indigenous people live, preserving their heritage, customs and traditions.

It can be said that I really love Turkey and would like to visit it, enjoy watching the beaches and enjoy hiking in the green mountainous areas.


I want to go to Turkey essay

Turkey is one of the countries that I would very much like to visit and spend some time from my summer vacation in.
Where Turkey has become very famous in the past years through art and shedding light on it through the famous series that show the wonderful attractive scenes and the customs and traditions of its people.

Which makes me very pleased and I would like to visit it and get to know its landmarks better. I would also like to see Istanbul very much, wander the streets, listen to the sound of mosques, and see the famous Turkish-Islamic architecture.

I would really like to visit Turkey and enjoy drinks, especially the famous Turkish tea and enjoy the landscape and see the attractive beaches.


Write an essay on importance of tourism

Undoubtedly, in recent years around the world, interest in tourism has become the largest increase. This is to improve the economy of countries, stop relying on the state’s natural resources and improve external sources that help in entering foreign currencies.

We see many countries changing their policies at the present time, to turn to more open countries, because of their study of the importance of national income from external sources and their lack of dependence on internal resources so that they do not end one day and there are no alternative means.

Therefore, tourism is an important, active and powerful source of income, equal in importance to oil and many rich materials.

We can see the United Arab Emirates, which already possesses several natural resources that help the country in the national income, but they turned to tourism in a large and basic way, so that the tourism revenue in our time is one of the largest types of national income. They live in complete economic development and security. Therefore, tourism is a very important source for the economy of any country.

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