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Trip to Dubai essay
Trip to Dubai essay

Trip to Dubai essay

Essay on Dubai trip ,  contains many attractions in Dubai that you can visit when traveling to Dubai and all that information you will find here in Trip to Dubai essay .

Trip to Dubai essay

Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has many attractions that you can visit and enjoy when you travel to Dubai. You will see all these features here in Trip to Dubai essay .


Dubai has a very unique international position. It  has a number of important commercial centers, as well as unique tourism facilities. Dubai is distinguished from the rest of the UAE by the diversity of its activities and events.

If you want to travel to Dubai, you will find many of Dubai’s unique attractions. In Dubai you can visit the following attractions:

Burj Khalifa: The tower is the tallest skyscraper around the world. Burj Khalifa is designed and built for several purposes. It has many distinctive offices, shops, hotels, and places to spend the most funniest time. It can also be accessed and elevated to its upper floors to enjoy the beauty of the scenery. 

Dubai Mall; This is one of the most important commercial markets in the UAE. It has many important shops, offering visitors an unforgettable shopping experience.

Al Bastakiya; is one of Dubai’s oldest neighborhoods, with its distinctive architectural heritage. The neighborhood consists of separate buildings, each with one or two floors,  In this neighborhood, residents of the Iranian province of Hermazan came to Dubai.

Tennis courts: These courts are a good destination for all the fans of this game, who wish to spend the best time. 

DUBAILAND: Dubailand is one of the most important recreational areas in Dubai. It is possible to practice many wonderful activities, especially sport activities such as horseback riding, motor racing, etc.

Gold Market: Gold lovers can visit this market and visit more than 300 gold shops, where you can buy many pieces of gold, which is characterized by elegance and splendor.

Touring by helicopter: One of the most exciting activities in Dubai is a tour of the helicopter, where you can take a helicopter tour over tall, high-rise buildings.

The Zoon Hall: This hall  has many of the games of world’s largest gaming companies. This hall attracts many visitors interested in this kind of entertainment .

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