Tourism topics
Tourism topics

Tourism topics

Tourism topics ,with all the important information about tourism and its importance and the types of tourism .If you are looking for information on tourism here you will find tourism topics in English.

Tourism topics

Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for some countries. Here you will find tourism topics with all the information you want to know about tourism and its types and everything related to tourism .


When you leave your country and pack up your luggage, you travel in a new land and learn about other people that you do not know in your country.

This is undoubtedly an adventure for many.

Many psychologists advise those who are exposed to diseases of tension and depression to travel to change the psychology of tourism has a positive role in promoting the good side inside you.

Tourism is one of the tributaries of the local economy and is a product of national income.

Many Arab countries, such as Egypt and Lebanon, depend on tourism as a source of economic resources. Tourism comes as an important part of their budgets.

Tourist places are an indispensable source of income.

Tourism is a means to eliminate unemployment and provide employment opportunities for young people.

Many tourist countries employ their citizens in tourist establishments, restaurants and jobs related to tourist services such as guide jobs, tourist guides and tourism promotion functions. .

There are many types of tourism such as:

Sports tourism: It includes the availability of all the facilities for this tourism, whether internal or external, and tourists travel to spend enjoyable times.

 Shopping tourism: This is the tourism undertaken by individuals in some of the countries that set them up so that their products are offered at low prices in order to attract tourists.

 Recreational tourism: Individuals go to places characterized by a comfortable atmosphere, with water and beautiful forests and the purpose of individuals to go to entertainment and enjoyment only so that people exercise their hobbies.

Cultural Tourism: This tourism is concerned with intellectuals and those interested in cultural and historical landmarks such as the Pharaonic civilization of Egypt.

Roaming tourism: This is a modern tourism as individuals walk on foot to the beautiful places of nature rich and picturesque, they enjoy roaming in and live in the wilderness.

 Ecotourism: the movement of individuals and the visit of plant and animal environmental reserves for the study of environmental and environmental secrets.

Adventure tourism: For the oddity of living in some areas, doing mountaineering and cycling, diving in the secrets of valleys, fishing and doing all that is strange.

Car and bicycle tourism: This tourism is monopolized in certain countries only, which has wide and fast ways to communicate with other countries, and in this way all the necessary services are available from ambulance, maintenance and others.

Exhibition tourism: This tourism is mobile among countries that hold different opposition from the arts of plastic, industrial exhibitions, literary and commercial exhibitions and others.

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