Tourism essay writing
Tourism essay writing

Tourism essay writing

Tourism essay writing , contains all the important information  that every student seeks so that he can write the tourism essay writing in English with all the information about tourism and its importance for individuals, countries and communities.

Tourism essay writing

Tourism has become an integral part of the national income of some countries and here you will find tourism essay writing in English with everything you are looking for  about tourism and how it shares a large percentage of national income .


Tourism is one of the important sources of income for all countries around the world.

Many countries rely on tourists who visit their country to enjoy what is inside it, whether landscapes, monuments or medical tourism as a main source of income.

For many other reasons, tourism is considered one of the most important features.

Which can be characterized by countries and of which all governments are interested.

Here are some of the benefits of tourism to countries.

The first thing that countries benefit from tourism is to provide job opportunities for their citizens.

There are many different job opportunities that would not otherwise exist without tourism.

Such as the job of tour guides or hotel staff and merchants in tourist places.

Tourism brings new investments to their countries, which greatly help to save money.

Examples of large investments created by tourism are large hotels or mega-festivals that offer visitors from around the world to visit and bring  income to those countries.

So that many countries are interested in the habit of hosting large events such as sports festivals.

Tourism helps to improve overall health and improve the human mood.

Travel helps to move away from the personal life of a person and to forget the problems that man experiences.

Tourism in general increases communication between people around the world and helps tourists come to different countries to exchange cultures between people.

Tourism can help individuals bring new ideas with them from the countries they visit, which they can use in their own countries, which will benefit them and their countries.

Tourism helps you get to know new people from the countries you visit, so you can make many new friendships that can benefit a person and create many new opportunities.

Tourism helps people experience many new and different things that may not be available in their country.

Each country has different things.

Some people may travel for skiing, mountain climbing and other things.

There are many different types of tourism in the world, which restrict each of them in a different way from traditional tourism.

There is medical tourism, which works to move the health facilities in that country, and educational tourism, which provides new jobs for teachers, and others.

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