Swimming essay
Swimming essay

Swimming essay

Swimming essay , contains important and valuable information about swimming and its importance physically and psychologically as well as many other benefits of swimming, which you will find here in Swimming essay .

Swimming essay

Everyone has a favorite hobby but many people prefer to swim  because it is fun and useful at the same time and here you will know the benefits of swimming under the title of Swimming essay.


Swimming is a fun activity for many people, especially in the summer. Swimming provides great fun when playing with friends and is one of the most beneficial and less dangerous sports for those who know how to swim well.

People usually swim in order to enjoy their time, but it is possible to swim beyond the level of play or fun only to get many benefits from it such as;

Weight loss or maintenance, these are considered the most famous swimming benefits but it is not the only benefit. Muscle building and formation, water is thicker than the air more than ten times and therefore water is resistance to help build muscle, as happens during light weight load, if you want to build muscle without appearing as weight lifts or reduce fat around the muscles, you have to swim.

Swimming helps to solve breathing problems because of the moisture in the air you breathe while swimming. The body adapts to swimming and increases the volume of your lungs. It also helps you improve your breathing, which helps you even in your daily life. As we know that the oxygen we get is essential to all parts of the body, including the brain.

Swimming gives its practitioners much more flexibility than those who carry weights and exercise in gyms. Swimming unlike gymnasts ,it moves the muscles of the whole body at the same time without moving each muscle separately.Swimming is usually described as a sport for those suffering from injuries, especially in the lower body, such as knees. The swimming reduces trauma and weight on the knees and back, unlike other exercises such as jogging, so it is also good for the elderly.

The benefits of swimming are not limited to physical benefits, as the psychological aspect also has its share of the benefits of swimming. It helps to relieve tension and anxiety and to have some fun, especially when exercising in groups.Swimming is also a relaxing sport, as it is in yoga, in addition to cooling, especially in the summer, and reducing the feeling of heat and sweating during exercise, which may prevent some of the exercise.

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