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Success in life essay
Success in life essay

Success in life essay

Success in life essay contains many wonderful ideas on how to achieve success in all areas of life. Success is the ambition of every human being who always seeks to achieve it. All of this will be found here through Success in life essay in English.

Success in life essay

No one likes failure, but on the contrary everyone is always striving for excellence and success, but why can not we all achieve success ?! This is what we will learn here where success has several factors you will find here on Success in life essay.


Success, the dream of every person in this life, and a wish that everyone seeks to reach. Success is a major reason for sustaining life with great motivation.

To succeed in life must succeed in all areas, in study, work, social life, human relations, and in our relationship with the Creator; because all things of life depend on each other.

Reasons for Success in Life;

Belief in God: A man needs in his instinct to God, Without realizing this instinct, man remains confused. And belief in God earns man comfort and tranquility. 

Setting specific goals:  Successful man has specific goals to be achieved in the short and long term, and is required to achieve.

Short goals are usually mini-targets to reach the larger goal,  For example, obtaining a doctorate in English literature requires several goals, the least of which is to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and then master.

 These goals require a set of other objectives, such as passing exams, preparing reports, Thus, a person feels a goal in his life that seeks it, which gives him motivation for progress and achievement.

Continually developing skills:  Our world is witnessing many different aspects of development. The devices and inventions are renewed every day, Therefore, man must be aware of these inventions,  As well as skills development in various aspects, such as communication skills, language learning and others.

Optimism and self-confidence: One of the most important factors that help to succeed is the confidence of the person in himself, in addition to being optimistic about the positive outcome.  If he fails, he must try again, not surrender, and work hard to correct the mistakes he has made to avoid failure.

Being with the Successful:  The companion has the greatest impact on human ambition .  Escorting the losers increases human frustration and pessimism, while accompanying the successful increases hope, motivation, and self-confidence.

 Assistance other people: The help of others brings inner satisfaction and psychological comfort, which sharpens the spirit of man, and pays him to give more to himself and to others, And thus becomes more productive, as it receives the satisfaction of God and the love of people, which means success in social and religious life.

Avoid vanity:  Humans should enjoy humility no matter how high they are,  When a person is tempted by himself, and thinks that he has reached a great amount,he does not continue in the achievement and giving,  Thus others develop and perform ,and he will remain where he is, and gradually turn into a failed person.

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