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Short essay on sports
Short essay on sports

Short essay on sports

Short essay on sports  has all the information that anyone  wants to know about sports, where sport has become an important part of the lives of many and can not be dispensed with. Here you will find a short essay on sports.

Short essay on sports

Sports in our time has become an integral part of the daily routines of many people. If you want to write a short essay on sports, here you will find everything you need to know about sports.


Sports is a set of activities that a person does to give the body a physical effort.

Sports is a set of rules, recreation, skill development, or bodybuilding, and sports vary from person to person to the person’s goals and needs from the sport he or she exercises.

The benefits and importance of sport;

 Emotionally,Sport has a psychologically more physical effect because a person feels it.

It reduces anxiety, stress and fatigue, reduces depression and gives energy and strength to the body.

Improve the quality of life experienced by the athlete,It gives a color of life experienced by a person when the exercise of the person from one to two hours of sport, it gives a good routine for the individual, which benefits in building and improve the body.

Sports The foundation of health, Sport is the first line of defense for diseases and problems facing the body from problems such as diabetes, and increase the strength of the heart and blood flow and make the heart more efficient flow of blood, which in turn improve the distribution of dissolved oxygen in blood and muscle.

Many have problems in body weight if it is plus or minus.

Sport is the best way to maintain weight and then the diet used.  Sports is the best way to fight insomnia without taking drugs or treatment and sports is the natural treatment for them.

Sports is useful for the mind It works to feed the mind and increase activity with the exercise of the person and that lead to the strengthening of memory.

Those who exercise continuously have little pain in joint pain and problems.

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