Short essay on football
Short essay on football

Short essay on football

Short essay on football , contains all the important and valuable information about football and the history of this game and how it started, and if you are looking for information about the history of football, you will find here short essay on football  contains everything that interests you.

Short essay on football

Football has become a popular sport in which the teams and nations compete. Here, we will give you a short essay on football, including the history and the beginning of the game and all the information you are looking for.


Football is the game or instrument used to play football.  The football industry and the definition of the rules of playing in them have been developed until we reached the present day of the global fame of this game, which has become one of the most games in which countries compete together.

The history of football dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The Byzantine historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in 460 BC, said that the Egyptians used to play with a ball made of goatskin or cloth. The Egyptian Philosopher (Julius Polokos) mentions that football has moved from Greece to the Romans.

Myths recall that football began long ago when the victorious peoples buried the human skulls of the murdered enemies. Historians said that the idea of ​​football entered England when the Romans occupied it. The first ball used was the skull of a Danish soldier killed and slaughtered.

Historians Glover and Fitzstven note that real football started in England when all the people of the city played in celebration of their victory over a Roman battalion that had invaded their country. The game lasted until the 14th century AD and the game spread widely to become a popular obsession that made the kings of England fight it.

In the 18 th century in 1836 Charles Goodyear invented the first patented rubber ball. And then developed until 1862 the first inflatable rubber balls through a small hole is closed.

Football began in modern times from England where it started as an organized game and had schools. The first attempt to convene a meeting to develop the rules of the game of football by a group of English in 1863, this meeting did not give any laws, but then another meeting was held and put the rules of the game in terms of the size of the ball and ways to throw it and the foundations of the game.

The establishment of the first football club in the world in 1855, the club Schlved and Quanti Club, and then established Queens Park Club in Scotland in 1876. The first football association in the world was the English Federation, which was founded in 1863. Football has spread in the countries that connect with England and Denmark was the first country to transport them. After that, the clubs of a national football federation were established in all Western countries, including the Arab countries.

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