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Sample interview answers
Sample interview answers

Sample interview answers

Sample interview answers ,this topic contains all the answers and questions  for everyone wants to pass the personal interview successfully ,and here you will find everything you are looking for in sample interview answers.

Sample interview answers

Always feel the tension when entering a private interview, but do not worry, you will find here all the questions and answers of interview in English.All this will be found here in sample interview answers.

Introduce your self/Tell me about your self?

In this question, try to give short answers . All you have to say is your name and old and your educational qualification such as:

My name is….

I am …. years old.

I graduated from…. university.

If you have a master’s degree or any other certificate you should mention it.

What is your experience in this field?

Your answer to this question is to mention your previous job if it is in the same field as saying:

I worked before as….. in…. company.

You can talk in detail about your previous job assignments and what you have accomplished.

why did you leave your last job?

To answer this question try to be positive and talk about your future ambitions with regard to the job and do not mention any negative about the company that you were working in the past such as to say:

I like to have better chance to approve my efficiency.

What do you know about this company?

To answer this question, you must do a research before the interview about the company’s history and when it started and what is its successes and did not mention anything negative.

What are your strengths ?

To answer this question you must mention all your positives such as saying:

I’m a person who respects time and I can take responsibility successfully and I love teamwork. I take action very seriously and I do not like courtesies. I am convinced that those who make mistakes must be held accountable

What are your weaknesses?

To answer this question you should never mention anything from your negatives but try to make this negative thing as a point of strength for you to say:

I’m always a perfectionist and I want to do everything 100% and that’s what makes others feel like I’m a stubborn person. 

 What is your short time goal?

What is your long term goal?

What do you want to be doing 5 years from now?

To answer all these questions you have to talk about your ambitions but use simple words such as:

I want to be in constant progress and gain the confidence of my managers and occupy better positions and I want to achieve success in many projects through which I can prove my competence and experience for all.

 Do you work well under pressure?

To answer this question you have to talk about the importance of work for you ,and how you do not care about the surrounding circumstances but all that matters to you is to complete the work to the fullest such as:

I am a person who love my work and I find myself in it. What matters most to me is to complete the work as fully as possible regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.

Always remember to be confidence of yourself and sit with straight back and  head up , look to the eyes of who asks you with confidence , tried to speak with brief answers so as not to make mistakes and try as much as possible not let him feel your tension. And you can train yourself with these questions in front of a mirror more than once and you will find it became very easy.

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