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Petra in Jordan
Petra in Jordan

Petra in Jordan

Petra in Jordan; That is a theme about Petra in jordan contains all the important, useful and valuable   information about that wonderful tourist city, which is the second wonders of the seven world . The city of Petra in jordan is one of the most beautiful tourist cities that attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you will find an English theme about Petra in jordan where you will learn about this ancient city .

Petra in Jordan

Petra is located in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, specifically in the province of Ma’an, which was chosen as one of the seven new wonders of the world in the year 2000 and 7 AD. It was also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five. The city of Petra was not discovered during The period of Ottoman rule until it was discovered again in the year one thousand eight hundred and twelve by the Swiss orientalist Johann Berkhardt.

The city of Petra is today a pure Jordanian symbol and a tourist icon that attracts tourists from all parts of the globe. The city of Petra was established during the rule of the Arab Nabateans to be its capital. The Nabataean state is an ancient state that controlled large areas of the region.

The city of Petra is a city carved from rock. It is a wonderful way to build a city of this size, it indicates the dedication of the Nabataeans in their work and the amount of art and beauty they possessed. Building a city of rock is a miracle for the people of our time. They were working with simple and primitive tools.

The architectural style of the city of Petra was influenced by the Assyrian, Egyptian and Greek architectural styles. This is clearly manifested in the royal tombs carved and carved stone. Nabataean architects also managed to exploit the natural resources available in the region to accomplish this architectural masterpiece that continued through times and ages. In the form of statues, dwellings, tombs, and black basalt stones.

Petra today contains many important and distinctive monuments, including Al-Siq, which is the long corridor leading to the city, and after the chic comesAl-Khazna, which is the most famous features of the pink city of Petra , where the Nabataeans chose its location accurately, and very carefully, and contains Petra on the monastery, Theater, the court, the girl’s palace, the altar, and many other sites, and important landmarks.

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