Most expensive dogs to buy
Most expensive dogs to buy

Most expensive dogs to buy 2 models

Most expensive dogs to buy, many people love dogs for many reasons, including hunting and other reasons, we chose to give you a topic about the most expensive dog prices in the world and the characteristics of each species. You will find all of this here in the most expensive dogs to buy.

Most expensive dogs to buy

World ‘s Most Expensive Dogs

There are many species of dogs, each of these species has its own price depends on its qualities and characteristics.  So there are a lot of people who are racing to pay big sums, in order to get the best dog quality.  In this presentation, I will show the most expensive types of dogs in the world.

List of the most expensive dogs in the world

 Red Tibetan Mastiff, this dog belongs to Tibet Mastiff family. Its original home is the Tibet region of Central Asia. Its price is about US 1.5 million dollars because it is very rare around the world. It is mainly used to guard the monasteries and Bedouin camps. It is characterized by its generous size and weight, as it weighs 180 pounds and is about three feet long.

German shepherd dog, its original home is Germany . Its price is about  24 thousand dollars, and is characterized by its intelligence, sincerity, strength and ease of training.  And is used heavily in guarding and in wars as well as within police teams. It is also a widespread dog in the world.

 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  its price is about 14 thousand dollars. This dog is characterized by calm and affection. It is the dog of King Charles of England. It is a family companion since the 17th century.

Samoyed dog, this dog originates in the Siberian region of Russia. And estimated at 11 thousand dollars. The Samoyed dog is one of the most kindly dogs as it is able to play all the time, so it is one of the best dogs for humans and especially children.

English Bulldog, its price is about 9 thousand dollars  And is characterized by its hardness and perseverance. It was used in ancient England to hunt bulls.

Chow Chow dog, It is a very old Chinese dog,  where its origin dates back to 300 BC. Its price is about 8,500 dollars. It was used extensively in hunting birds and guarding.  It is characterized by its large head and medium size.

Akita dog, a Japanese dog, its price is about $ 4500. This dog was used extensively in hunting and fighting ,and was also used with police teams.

Saluki dog, It is the dog used by the kings of Egypt, and its price is about 2500 dollars. It was used extensively in hunting deer and following the trail.

Egyptian Pharaoh Hound, It dates back to Egypt and is one of the ancient dynasties where it dates back to 3,000 BC.  Estimated at $ 6,500. It is characterized with an average size and the color of the chestnut and reddish gold, as well as its intelligence and kindness.

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