Marriage essay
Marriage essay

Marriage essay

Marriage essay , contains many information about the traditions followed by most societies in terms of marriage and other conditions. All the information you will find here and more in Marriage essay.

Marriage essay

There is no doubt that every society has its own customs and traditions, but it is possible to find different traditions within the same society. The biggest example of this is marriage. It is found that the traditions and conditions of marriage vary from place to place. .

 The conditions for marriage

The conditions for marriage differ from one society to another,  And Islam made the conditions of marriage are acceptance and affirmative, namely the desire of both parties to the association, and the acceptance of the wife’s guardian, in order to preserve the rights of the wife, and help her to choose the right husband.

 The husband must give the dowry to the wife to complete the marriage, which is a sum of money agreed upon by both parties. People place many other conditions as available housing, level of physical status, educational level, and social level.

Age is not often considered,  There are societies that encourage early marriage,and others that encourage delay marriage.

There can be a significant difference between the age of both parties. But it is recommended that marriage be  at the age at which both men and women reach full consciousness so that they can take responsibility and build a family.

Among the conditions set by many governments, which are so positive are the results of pre-marital examinations, especially Thalassemia.

The laws prohibit the marriage of a man and woman who have that disease to avoid having children infected with it, and this is good for the couple in the first place, to preserve the health of their children.

People set multiple criteria for choosing a life partner, including beauty, money ,etc. Despite the importance of many of these criteria, for example, it is difficult to make a family without money, but this condition should not be overstated.

The average material level is sufficient to build a family. It is better to focus on the personality of the partner, his ethics, and his manner of dealing. Money and beauty go in a moment if God wants to, and the essence of man remains.

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