Introduce yourself essay
Introduce yourself essay

Introduce yourself essay

Introduce yourself essay , personal qualities that characterize you and your favorite things and things you do not like and what activities you do, and what goals you want to achieve in your career, and what sports activities that you like to exercise .

Introduce yourself essay

Introduce yourself essay ,an expression that includes all aspects of social life and personality traits that distinguish you from other people

I am a student at the stage ……………… I love my school and I love my teachers very much and I listened to their advice very well. I work and my homework regularly, so I  get high grades at all exams.

I also enjoy  sports, so I joined the football team at the school. The physical education teacher trained us very well. Our team entered the school competition in football. We achieved impressive results.

Our team ranked first in the school level and my school got The school championship cup, and me and my friends were awarded prizes and certificates of appreciation.

I prefer math because it needs a lot of focus and thinking to get to the right solution, and I plan to join the engineering faculty after completing high school.

I want to work in the engineering field, especially construction, construction and urban planning, because I live in a beautiful city with urban planning, with wide streets, beautiful gardens and organized, coordinated homes.

I love to spend my free time in reading romantic stories. On weekends I would like to go to the cinema with my friends to watch one of our favorite movies, which is action films. 

I spend my annual vacation with my family members and often travel on annual leave to a tourist country. Sometimes we travel to a country famous for beach tourism and enjoy swimming and playing sports.

Sometimes we go to a country famous for monuments, temples and museums to know more about previous civilizations. Attendance of some international festivals held annually.

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