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How to write an essay about yourself
How to write an essay about yourself

How to write an essay about yourself

How to write an essay about yourself , I have a lot of important information  that you will need if you want to write an English essay about yourself ,and here you will find the steps  that you must follow so that you can learn how to write an essay about yourself.

How to write an essay about yourself

One of the most difficult things for a person is to write about himself; you know yourself.

We will explain a number of things you can use – all or a number of them as you wish – to form a written material about yourself.

Write a personal story ,You should write a subject about yourself, do not write a CV that contains basic information to advance to a job, the subject is closest to the personal story;you will be the narrator or main character speaking, and will write events of your life, That have occurred in your life or any events you feel may serve the subject you are writing about.

The story can include obstacles you encounter in your life and how to overcome them, or how you live with them. You can remember moments of failure, as you remember your moments of success; real life is not all successes, you can also talk about the moments of failure and loss, how it affected you,and how you learned  Something new about yourself.

Write in an honest and personal way “as much as you can,” and stay away from the official and the rhetoric, and talk about yourself as spontaneously as possible, without looking like a poor victim or as a great hero; man in his ordinary life is a complex mix, and life gives as you take.

Choose a topic and stick to it. Stay away from the slums and select a specific value you want to focus on in your writings.

If you write about different topics and events, you should eventually reach a common point or serve one goal.

All the events you choose to write about should be The details will come together to form one big picture.

This will make your writing interesting, ensure that the person you read will remember it for a long time and will leave an impression on itself.

Moving from one idea to another and from one event to another without having a goal you want to reach, will make your subject seem random and unconnected.

Select a short period in your life in which important events affected you more than others and then write about them; It is difficult to write about your entire life from early childhood to your present day.

In this way, events seem less important, but you can recall the memory of a particular situation that serves the subject, which you write about.

Do not start with ordinary events and then write the story until you reach the node and then solve it; you do not write a long novel, but write a specific topic or article; so it is preferred to enter the node directly; the length of the subject is not more than four pages and should not be less than a full page , You should express yourself adequately and give the reader an idea of ​​who you are, and here the importance of choosing a value or object for the subject and focusing on it.

Select your own voice and show it from the first sentence or opening paragraph. Speak in a personal and friendly way.

Stay away from the official and give your CV information such as name, address and place of birth, but start telling the story in your own style and words.

In this way we have provided you with how to write an essay about yourself, and you can read more through the following links:

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