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Healthy eating for kids
Healthy eating for kids

Healthy eating for kids

Healthy eating for kids; Every mother should take care of the health of her kids and provide them with the healthy eating for kids that each child needs to grow  properly and here we will provide you with a topic on healthy eating for kids containing all the useful information that every mother needs.

 Healthy eating for kids

Calories depend on several factors such as physical activity, age and sex, but in general the caloric rate needed by a child of five years of age as a teenager: 4 to 6 years 1800 calories  Age 7 to 10 years 2000 calories male 11 to 14 years old 2500 calories female 11 to 14 years old 2200 calories.

Is it true that French fries and chips may cause cancer or infertility for children, especially girls? And why?

Eating too much fat in excess of an individual’s needs may increase the risk of storing fat in the body, especially in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, leading to weight gain. This prolonged increase may increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. A factor that increases the risk of infection. Therefore, it is preferable to focus on the amount and quality of fat during childhood and adolescence, fat should not exceed 30% of the total calories consumed per person per day and reduce the fat called saturated fat and trans fat, which increases the risk of high cholesterol in the blood and accumulation on the walls of blood vessels .

For fried foods, it is always preferable not to use frying oil for more than once or twice for a lot of food, because when we use oil to fry more than once, triglyceride may break down, which causes undesirable odors when the oil is heated that harm the health and increase the risk of cancer and therefore prefer to follow the following tips:

Do not use frying oil for more than once or twice to just fry the food. Fry the oil that reached the medium temperature and not be cold because when used cold oil, this leads to the absorption of foods for large amounts of oil and more than the calories of foods.

After using the frying oil, the oil should be cooled after it has been removed from food preservatives for use only once again and kept in a cool, dry place away from light and direct heat.

Some studies have shown that fried foods such as chips contain acrylamide, which is found in fried and baked foods such as chips, fries and biscuits. These substances may increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, it is preferred to reduce these foods. Grilled and baked potatoes can be served instead of fried potatoes for children, fried potatoes should be served in spaced intervals, not daily or weekly.

Effect of candies on children ;

Many mothers are subject to the urgency of their children and their permanent desire to eat sweets and bonbons and salads such as milk, chicory and soft drinks .. What is the effect of these foods on the body organs and on the attention of the child and on the possibility of fatty glands may not be able to get rid of them later ?

Children often want to eat sweets of all kinds, but a large part of the reason is due to parents. We do not have to use sweets as a reward for children when they do a good job or when they eat their food and provide certain occasions and not on a daily basis. Large amounts of desserts, especially added to the colors and additives, increase the children’s cough and contain a large amount of sugar and fat, which increases the risk of obesity and tooth decay.

What foods should not pass a day without being eaten by a child?

Of course, milk or milk in case the child does not want to eat milk and starches of bread or rice or pasta because it is the main source of vegetables, fruits and focus on the introduction of the diet within the day to first to instill healthy eating habits in children and contain the necessary fiber and vitamins and the diversification of protein sources of meat or Fish, chicken and legumes.

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